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June 18, 2001, Vol. 3, No.13


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 Featured Resources


This is a great web portal for all teachers. Go to this web site and search for physical education, fitness, health, wellness, etc. to find loads of helpful information.

I looked on the front page of the site in the area of Teaching Themes and selected Human Body. I was automatically linked to a page with clip art, downloads, hands-on activities, interactive sites for students, lesson plans, resource materials, sites for background information, web quests, worksheets, and worksheets you can customize.

This site also offers lesson plans, rubric makers, crossword makers, teacher calendars, and work sheets.

  Technology PE News

Visit news. Scroll down the page. Technology questions are answered in regard to "What are plug-ins?," printer differences, "What is an mp3 format?," Palm information, and browsers tricks.

Lots of great information about using technology in the classroom. Also included is a PEP bill update, and their archives.

 PE Resources


This is a very interesting web site that focuses on using the internet in physical education. Check it out!

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 Exploring P.E. on the Web

Hillsborough Elementary

According to Eric Stamets, Physical Education Supervisor in the school district of Hillsborough County, their program is child centered with an approach fostering the sequential progression of motor, cognitive, emotional, and social development.

Their Elementary Physical Education web site includes on-line helpful curriculum information and resources.

Elementary Physical Education Curriculum
This web page includes the following sections:

  • Platform Standards: This section includes a public announcement concerning the philosophy for elementary physical education for the students in the School District of Hillsborough County. Some of the links on this page are for the curriculum process of planning quality movement and cognitive experiences for students, NASPE Standards, and Developmentally Appropriate Physical Education Practices for Children.
  • Curriculum Models: This section includes three curriculum models to use as a basis to make decisions regarding the selection, structuring, and sequencing of educational activities. They are the Development Model, Kinesiological Model, and Movement Model.
  • Assessment: This section includes guidelines, worksheets, and assessment benchmarks.
  • Sunshine State Standards: This section includes standards and Florida benchmarks.
This site is very useful in gaining, or promoting, a basic knowledge about developmentally appropriate elementary physical education.

A Teen's Perspective

Life will not always work out the way you plan and sometimes you don't have any control over what does happen. You may not always be happy with the circumstances given to you or the way a situation ends up but there will always be certain aspects that you will have to deal with. No question about it.

The hardest facts of life go along with the hardest problems. It's not fair, but then again no one ever said it was going to be. Sometimes, just when you think you have it beat, you are given something else to have to deal with. But life constantly teaches you lessons and they are what make and build you into the person you are and will become later on in life.

Sure, you could take the easy way out and not put yourself out there to be hurt or challenged, but then what could you possibly learn? You wouldn't know what getting your heart broken feels like and then later on finding that you have the ability and courage to love again. You wouldn't know what it's like to have the pressures and hopes of others placed on you and you not being able to meet your goal.

Sure, that doesn't sound too bad, but what about when you get back up and finally make it? You wouldn't know what it's like to have a dream and use your mind, heart and soul to achieve it. So you have a choice. You can pass thru life in a way in which you will never be hurt, nor will you ever be happy, or you can live your life to the fullest and experience everything it has to offer.

by: Deanna D., Age 17; Pennsylvania


Evaluating Web Resources

The need for evaluating Internet resources is increasing as more and more people are using the WWW for research. This set of Web pages provides materials to assist in teaching how to evaluate the informational content of Web resources. It focuses on teaching how to develop critical thinking skills which can be applied to evaluating information found on Web pages."

 Featured Web Sites

Life's Playbook

The introduction to this site states that "the program provides students with a blueprint for setting a positive course toward solid achievements; in academics, in activities, and in life."

From this site you can obtain Life's Playbook for Success. The book is described as "offering insights into the lives of inspiring individuals, and offers thinking on everything from the role of character in a person's success to handling life's inevitable setbacks and surprises. "Life's Playbook for Success" also contains a series of interactive self-analysis and self-awareness exercises designed to help readers focus on areas for improvement in their own lives as they strive to balance the demands of academics, sports, and careers."

There is an educators guide for high school teachers, coaches, counselors, community leaders, parents, and others who want to inspire, encourage, and motivate students.

In addition, this site offers on-line lessons, tips for success, a photo scrapbook, tools, resources, and a speakers bureau.

Search Institute

The search institute offers information on how to raise caring and responsible children and teenagers.

There are 40 assets that all young people need. Have your student assess how many assets they have in their own lives. Then you can go to the area about building assets if they are not presently in their life.

Find out more about the asset approach which is a successful part of Healthy Communities, Healthy Youth.

An entire area is dedicated to what schools can do to help build assets. As we all know, children and adolescents spend many of their waking hours in schools and with teachers. So, lets see what we can do to help!

 Web Fun!

The Official NFL Site for Kids

The web site has a lot of information and fun activities. Find out about the different positions, and what it is like to be a real NFL player.

Find out about each position: Offensive Line, Linebacker, Quarterback, Defensive Secondary, Kicker/Punter, Running Back, Wide Receiver, and Defensive Line.

There are also three lessons that focus on positions, equipment, and the field.

There are many fun games you can play: Tackleman, Hangman, NFL 3096, Fan Frenzy, QB Zone, Catch Phrase, Trainer Terror, You Make the Call, and Touchdown Trivia.

You can also find out how to get involved in the "Punt Pass and Kick" contest of playing Flag Football.

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