to the Heart Beats
zone !

On this page we are going to learn
some really cool
things about the heart and how it works !


Roll your mouse over
and find
out who is
behind it !



Your heart is an important muscle. It is found in
your chest and is the
size of our fist.

Your heart grows bigger
as you grow bigger.

The heart has a very important responsibility.
It's job is to pump
blood to your muscles
and your body.

You can listen to your
heart beat by taking you "pulse" at your wrist
or your neck.
You can also feel it by placing your hand over your chest, just above where it is found.

Your heart beats slowly when you sit, sleep
and rest.

Your heart beats faster when you are active, move and play.



The character below has a message to share with you ! Roll the mouse over the picture and see what it will tell you ! A pop up box will appear ! Read it carefully




What do YOU think are some things you can do in your daily life, that will help you keep your heart healthy?

Find a sheet your paper and then write you name, class teacher, and the above question. Then write down a list of things you do to keep active and fit. You can give me this sheet during our PE class.

Do you know.

Do you know that the heart is a "muscle" ? It is a very special machine that keeps you alive. In this section you will find some hidden asnwers to the questions that I have prepared for you. I hope you will have fun trying them out You will learn some really cool facts about this very special muscle ! You will find the hidden answer by rolling your mouse over the Happy Heart picture below.

1. How big is your Heart ?


2. Where is your heart found ?


3. At what time of the day does your heart work ?

4. What does the heart do ?

5. What is the red liquid that the heart pumps around the body called ?