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  January 2015, Volume 17 Number 1


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  Exploring the Future of Physical Education

   Steve Jefferies, pelinks4u publisher

One of the great things about technology is how its created more ways for us to communicate with each other. Face-to-face meetings may be more effective and enjoyable, but for many reasons we unfortunately can't always get together at the same time and place. So this month, I'm pleased to be able to share with you a free online presentation that you might find interesting.

Time differences of course make it hard to join many presentations live. Fortunately, GOPHER Sport has recorded and archived its free monthly webinars online. It's been doing this for more than a year. Take a look. I think you'll be impressed by the topics and presenters -

My recent presentation focused on where I think physical education should be going in the future. Since my participation in NASPE's PE 2020 initiative a few years ago, I've become very interested in the future and especially in what it may hold for physical education.

Not surprisingly, most physical educators are so busy they don't have much time to ponder what's going to happen to them next year let alone in the next decade. But this worries me because the pace of change in our lives today is accelerating. Failing to plan our professional future leaves our fate to the whims of decision-makers who may or may not support what we do. As others have said, the best way to imagine our future is to create it ourselves.

And so, I invite you - at your convenience - to set aside less than an hour, sit back, view and listen to a webinar entitled, "Exploring the Future of Physical Education." In it I share a perspective on issues I think are important for us as physical and health education teachers to think about in 2015 and beyond.

As always, I encourage your feedback and own perspectives. And I invite you to share news and teaching tips about your own programs with pelinks4u readers. Very best wishes for 2015. I hope it is a wonderfully healthy and happy year for you, your family, and your students.

Steve Jefferies
Publisher, pelinks4u

PS. Be sure to register for the Seattle National SHAPE America Convention by January 15 to get the best rate. Don't miss what will be one of the best national conventions ever!

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