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May 2005 Vol.7 No.5   Conference/Workshop Calendar

This is the month to celebrate physical education and sport. As a part of the celebration, I wanted to discuss how much influence we have on children and youth. Physical educators are in a rare position of being one of the few teachers who can implement lessons to develop the "whole" child. Many physical educators include psychomotor and affective domains in their lesson planning. Much of this page will be dedicated to including the cognitive domain to improve thinking skills.

I look forward to your comments and ideas. We can all accomplish more if we share and work together.

Debby Mitchell
Technology Section Editor

 Developing the 'Whole' Child in PE

A child's favorite teacher often is the physical education teacher. We can be a positive role model, and influence the learning of our students. To capitalize on our position in physical education we need to be teaching the "whole" child. That means developing the psychomotor, affective, and cognitive domains. Teaching to the "whole" child gives more creditability to our program, reinforces academics and learning, and may ensure our place as an important part of the curriculum. It reinforces the philosophy of mind, body, and spirit.

The psychomotor domain deals with physical and motor development. It is the main goal of physical educators. In the psychomotor domain we are providing opportunities to develop balance, eye-hand coordination, agility, flexibility, strength, and other components of the domain.

The affective is the emotional and social domain. In the affective domain we can plan lessons to include cooperation, how to be a good sport, character building activities, etc.

The cognitive domain deals with the intellect and obtaining knowledge. This domain involves information processing, critical thinking, problem solving, and research.

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 Featured Web Sites

Plastic Fork Diaries
This site breaks new ground on an old subject: Does what (and how) we eat affect who we are? Follow six middle school students as they experience first hand the relationship between food and their changing bodies, cultural differences, the vanishing family meal, nutrition and athletic performance. Site visitors will have the opportunity to become part of a unique, on-line community. This site is available in Spanish. Here is the page to links of past episodes to bring you up to date. Also a preview VIDEO.

It's My Life invites kids to share their feelings about the social, emotional, and physical issues that affect them.

Don't Buy It challenges kids to question advertising, evaluate media, and become smart consumers.

Do Diets Slow Your Metabolism?
If you are trying to lose weight, you may be concerned by reports that diets can slow your metabolism, making it more of a challenge to keep off any weight you lose. Several studies on metabolic rate after weight loss, however, suggest this may not be inevitable. Read the rest...

Forum Question
Just wondering who else out there is using GPS in PE... Geocaching anyone? Thanks to Scott Tomassetti, there's also a video of student experiences. Please post your thoughts on the forum.
 Interactive Video Games

The following information was submitted by Phil Lawler, PE4LIFE Institute Director. Thanks so much for your contribution.

Physical educators need to look at interactive video games that cause kids to move. We are not going to change the interest level that kids have with video games, and until recently the video industry was the enemy to the fitness world. We can use children's interest to our advantage.

I have come across several interactive video games that promote fitness. I just wanted to share them incase you wanted to share the sites with your readers.
CatEye Fitness - Interactive video bikes that include heart rate readings. We have been using a version of the bikes for 4 years. Kids love them. We just recently went to cateye. They make a great bike.

Dance Dance Revolution - this is very popular with our students. I know there are several companies that now make products for Dance Dance Revolution. We just happen to use redoctane. Another great game to play on Dance Dance Revolution pads is Athens Olympics. It works great. Also, see the section on the Secondary page titled 'Motivating to Move!' for more info.

Sportwall - We have two installed in our district - one at the elementary level and one at the HS. The elementary mainly uses the wall for sports training and brain activities. The high school uses the sport wall for brain activities and core training. Somewhat costly, so need parent groups or corporate support.
Makoto - Interactive game that teaches self defense movement. We have not put one in yet, but my friend, Tim McCord from Titusville, put in two units and kids enjoy them and get a great work out.

CYBEX Trazer® - This is a new product. Keep an eye on this has great potential. We have been working with the development of this product, and it is much more than an interactive video game. It has potential to be used in athletics, PE, and cross curricular - developing both mind and body.

VCycling - By far the most expensive product, but it is fun to where technology is going in the fitness world. I have seen this product demonstrated, and it will be in schools in the near future.

Powergrid - This is a new product I just discovered. What makes it unique is that every other product listed above provides a cardiovascular workout using video concepts. Powergrid is an interactive video game that improves strength.

Toledo  PE Supply

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 Celebrating Physical Education & Sport

We need to let our communities and the general public know what we can accomplish in our curriculum by newsletters, announcements, demonstrations, and other various means of marketing our programs.

Canadian Website - This is the month for celebrating physical education and sport. Canada has a great web site where you can download resources. These might provide models to use in your area: Public Service Announcements, Lesson Plans, Posters, Newsletters, & Brochures.

 Cognitive Domain

Developing Thinking Skills

Physical education teachers can include activities in their curriculum to help student develop thinking skills in the cognitive domain. They may reinforce academics in their own physical education class, or work with other teachers to integrate curriculum with a project based unit.

Intel Innovation in Education - Intel has developed new online tools to help support higher order thinking skills. These tools are accessed from any computer connected to the Internet, allowing students and teachers access any time from home or school. No subscription or fees are required. Intel provides free workshops for teachers.

One tool is Visual Ranking where students can prioritize and compare their list to others. Another tool is Seeing Reason where individuals chart cause and effect relationships.

Enter these sites and look at the overview & benefits, project examples, instructional strategies, and even try the tool.

I have prepared some Physical Education examples. Go to the Visual Ranking site or the Seeing Reason site:

Under 'Sign in' select student login. For Teacher ID type Select a Team ID below (use your age as a guide), type it in, and use this same ID as the password.

Realize that this is a practice and the same workspace may be used by different people.
Team06-10 Team26-30 Team46-50
Team11-15 Team31-35 Team51-55
Team16-20 Team36-40 Team56-60
Team21-25 Team41-45 Team61-100

Teachers can also set up their own workspace.

It is best to attend a workshop first to gain greater knowledge of the tool and how to develop thinking skills.

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 Contribute Your Ideas
If you have ideas, comments, letters to share, or questions about particular topics, please email one of the following Technology Section Editors:
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