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  1. A Fitness Basket - Custom-made, gift baskets brimming with all natural and organic gourmet foods as well as natural bath & body care products designed to promote physical and emotional well-being!
  2. Accelerated Learning In PE - find out how to accelerate the skill learning process in PE and sport with Maximum Potential UK Ltd.
  3. Achievable Concepts -The entire range of adapted equipment and specialized products is listed with prices.
  4. Active Kids Play -
  5. Fun, physical activities for kids.
  6. Adapted Physical Education National Standards (APENS) Project - This Web site describes this project in which the roles, responsibilities, and perceived needs of practicing adapted physical educators are described
  7. Adapt-Talk - Subscribe to this listserv and discuss the latest issues about Adapted PE.
  8. ADPRIMA - Ideas for New Teachers and Education Students
  9. Adventurous Child, The - Designing, manufacturing and installing outdoor play areas since 1986. We specialize in playground equipment, preschool playground equipment, outdoor classrooms and recycled plastic playgrounds.
  10. AED Defibrillators and CPR Classes in Florida - Buy an AED machine for your school or company and sign up for a cpr, first aid or aed class at your location.
  11. AimToBeHealthy - "Awesome Health through Nutrition and Fitness Activities." Health and Fitness Supplies: Vitamins, food supplements, natural herbs, weight control, diet, nutrition, exercise, and other energy and vitality products
  12. Air Jordan - Information about Air Jordan Sneakers, Nike Air Force Ones, Reebok Shoes, Adidas Shoes, Converse Sneakers, and more can be found here.
  13. Alberta Learning: PE Online - Kindergarten to Grade 12 Physical Education Program
  14. All for KIDZ, Inc. - FREE school yoyo assembly program.
  15. AllHear - portable sound systems to save your voice in the gym.
  16. American Association for the Child's Right to Play
  17. America's Baseball Camps: This site provides a wide list of youth baseball camps around the nation.
  18. Anchorage School District Adapted PE Page - a listing of common disabilities, teaching strategies, photos of equipment for adapted physical education settings, and a nice list of resources.
  19. Assessment for Adapted Physical Education (a-ape Computer Assisted Software) - a-ape is an MS Excel workbook containing separate worksheets for more than 20 of the most commonly used adapted physical education assessment tools.
  20. Assessing Learning in Physical Education: Motor Skills Video - Demonstrates the importance of assessment in physical education and illustrates different types of skill assessment
  21. Athletic Stuff - Supplier of high quality Athletic and PE equipment for schools and teams across the United States.
  22. At Peace Media - Our company is At Peace Media LLC, and we specialize in the creation of products for relaxation and stress relief. One of our leading products is a program for students and adults called Power Nap Kit™ which helps anyone to easily relax and fall asleep for short naps.
  23. Back Street Inline, Ice and Quad skates - Skates, equipment and accessories
  24. Ball Dynamics International - carrying the full line of Gymnic╣, Gymnic╣ Plus and FitBall╣ lines of exercise balls as well as a full line of educational products on therapeutic exercise using the balls.
  25. Be Active North Carolina - Learn how this organization is encouraging North Carolinians to create the policies, opportunities, facilities, and motivation to promote physical activity -- and good health.
  26. Become more flexible - Giving walkers and adventurers the right stretching equipment to provide flexibility, injury prevention and reduced recovery time.
  27. Bodytronics - Heart rate monitors, pedometers, stop watches
  28. Bonnie's Fitware - Computer software programs for physical and health educators (from Bonnie Mohnsen)
  29. Camp Atlantic is a private, residential summer camp providing children, teenagers and adults with mental and physical disabilities a safe and fun vacation at the beach. The camp, which is located in Bethany Beach, Delaware, offers separate youth and adult programs. If you have any questions about the camp, email info@websitesbylauren.com.
  30. Camp Rena Collection - Recreation leadership resources. The best camp songs, games, crafts, and fun actitivities to do with kids, plus a video on cooperative games.
  31. Cartwheel Factory, The - A mat, which is designed so children can learn a cartwheel on their own.
  32. CATCH - Dedicated to helping educators, administrators and parents promote and maintain heart-healthy behaviors in children and adolescents.
  33. Children First - A Curriculum Guide for Kindergarten
  34. Christy Lane - Dance music, videos, and workshops
  35. Classroom Discipline - Advice and links to help you establish your own approach and practices to classroom discipline-- a great site for those who might feel a bit daunted by the whole topic
  36. Coachwise Ltd. - the trading arm of the National Coaching Foundation consisting of an online sports shop and information exchange.
  37. Coastal Enterprises - PE clothes, team uniforms, league, camps, class tees, spirit wear, custom art, and much more.
  38. Collage Exercise Video Specialists
  39. Coach JJ - Songs to teach children about their basic locomotor, nonlocomotor and manipulative skills.
  40. college football top 25 - Find the latest college football Top 25 rankings online provided by the college football staff at CollegeSports-fans.com.
  41. Concerned Adults and Students for Physical Education Reform (CASPER)-non profit advocacy organization for students, parents, teachers and others interested in eliminating inappropriate practices from physical education.
  42. CRAFTS FOR TEACHERS - S& S WORLDWIDE: One stop for Arts and Crafts, Recreational Activities, Games, Therapy and Physical Education.
  43. Creative Athletics - Dedicated to teaching and promoting unique sports and games that encourage cooperation, coordination and self confidence in all people.
  44. Creative Health Products - Over 200 health and fitness testing and measuring products such as heart rate monitors, bodyfat testers, strength and flexibility testers, etc. at large discounts.
  45. Creative Imaginations - Fun-In-Education Site See Tangrams sent in by children from all across the world! Home of Kidzoo.
  46. Cross Country Ski Equipment & Accessories - Buy Cross Country Ski Equipment & Accessories online at Sports Shop, your online home for cross country ski packages as well as ski poles & gear.
  47. CrossFitKids.com Newsletter
  48. Cisco Athletic - Cisco, Inc. is one of the leading manufacturers of top-quality custom team uniforms and athletic wear.
  49. Dan O'Brien Education Program-A central feature of the program is to encourage at-risk students to improve their academic performance
  50. DATAGYM - DATAGYM 3.0 is a computer programme based on a huge multimedia database with more than 1400 exercices. The database incorporates specific exercise video clips and a text editor.
  51. Davies Sports - Davies Sports work in partnership with the Youth Sports Trust and to supply a large range of PE, sport and leisure supplies for schools and clubs including kit, training gear, equipment, and accessories.
  52. Developing a Discipline Plan - suggestions about how to develop a personal discipline plan. It also briefly discusses and offers access to seven models of discipline
  53. Dictionary Soccer - Online Soccer Dictionary By Coach Cameron - for soccer clubs, soccer coaches, soccer players, school soccer.
  54. DirectCase.com - Offering organizational tools for baseball, basketball or soccer coaches. The Playmaker Coach's Portfolio features a sturdy clipboard with a side-hinged cover.
  55. Dixie Sporting Goods - a retailer/distributor of team athletic equipment and apparel. In business since 1952 and has built a reputation for providing quality product and exceptional customer service.
  56. Dr. Kiper Orthotics - Custom fluid orthotics that move with your feet as if they were part of them, for foot, knee, hip and low back pain. Dennis Kiper, DPM
  57. DUI Foundation - The DUI Foundation’s purpose is to educate on the dangers of drinking and driving.
  58. DynamicMovement - We design and manufacture stretchy movement tools used in the arts, therapy, physical education, and fitness.
  59. Education Company, The - The Education Company has been providing professional development opportunities for 25 years. Presenters for PE Seminars are experts in their field. Many, recipients of state and national Teacher of the Year awards.
  60. ElectriKids - Explore "try this at home", the E-kids challenge, fun fitness facts, Body Talk, ElectriGirl, the Muscle Mania Tour and more!
  61. E-SCAPE - This website provides a means for the Council to share information with teachers, activity leaders, parents, individuals with disabilities, and others interested in APE and APA.
  62. Esportsinsurance - Providing sports insurance nationwide to parks and rec departments, teams, clubs and associations
  63. Ever Active Schools - The Ever Active School Program is a membership-based program available to all Alberta school communities. School communities are comprosed of the staff, students, parents, community stakeholders and health professionsals who support healthy, active lifestyles.The Ever Active School Program will contribute to the development of healthy children and youth by fostering social and physical environments that support active living.
  64. Exercise Equipment - Power Systems, the leading provider of professional grade fitness equipment for more than 25 years.
  65. Eyelearner.com - three DVDs get kids moving... because they (& teachers) love them. Already in thousands of classrooms across the contintent, now parents are watching as their kids laugh & sweat in front of the TV. Absolutely guaranteed to get your kids active!
  66. Fathead - Find the best online selection of Fatheads, those popular sports & entertainment wall graphics, online from a trusted seller of Fathead stickers, Sports-Shop.com.
  67. FitLink - home and commerical fitness equipment Fitness Reporter - compiles and reports all the test scores from the new President’s Challenge Fitness Testing Program. The software package also includes a custom test program that you can use to design your own tests and a program called "Locks" for controlling and organizing locks and lockers.
  68. Fitness and Kids - Kids health and fitness equipment, youth sports, exercise videos, equipment, active play dance dance revolution, rebounders and more.
  69. Fitness AV the Fitness Audio Visual Experts - At Fitness AV you'll find the largest selection of the Fitness sound and video equipment for group fitness, aerobics, and Cardio Theater.
  70. Fitness Beginnings - We specialize in children's exercise, fitness and dance videos. We also have a wide variety of other types of videos to offer. Come check out our site.
  71. Fitness for Youth Program - You will find information about activities for parents to partake in with their youngsters, a newsletter, and recent research about physical activity.
  72. Fitness Information Technology - publishing company specializing in"Sport Sociology", "Sport and Exercise Psychology", "The Sport Management Library", "Physical Education/Coaching", and "Sport Psychology Library".
  73. Fitness Reporter - software for the President's Challenge and a Custom Test feature that can support Fitnessgram
  74. Fitness Traffic - Providing links to some of the top fitness sites in the world. They also offer opportunities to echange links and market your own fitness site.
  75. Fitness Web Directory - guide to fitness programs, fitness products, fitness for women, fitness for men
  76. Fitplay's Homepage: Fitness Through Play - Developmentally appropriate use of physical activity to promote and maintain a healthy and active lifestyle in our children both now and in the future.
  77. Fizika -- Your partner in nurturing active, healthy students ready to learn. A comprehensive provider of innovative and effective tools and resources for health, wellness and physical education professionals.
  78. FlagHouse - Specialized catelogs for: Physical Education & Recreation, Special Populations, Activities for Life (Formerly Senior Products), Furniture Express, and Rehab
  79. Flexiciser - Built for Adapted PE. Fitness for the mobility challenged. Flexiciser users have experienced dramatic improvements both physically and mentally. Flexiciser strengthens weakened muscles, improves circulation and reduces spasticity.
  80. Focused Fitness - Focused Fitness is a curriculum and on-line assessment company for health, fitness and nutrition in our nation's schools. We provide coordinated fitness and health programs for physical education, after school, pre-K, staff wellness and more.
  81. Footbag Peace Initiative - Web site that focuses on teaching and mentoring marginalized youth using sports, craft, and peer education
  82. Francis L. Dean & Associates, Inc. - "The Nation's Leader In Sports Insurance"
  83. Fun-Attic Sports and Toys - Unique sports equipment for all levels of play, including the disabled. They also have game ideas, lesson plans, resources and fund raiser ideas. Fun-Attic has been selected as a "Best Bet" on the USA TODAY Education Website.
  84. Fundraising With Candle Fundraisers - Fire up your next fundraiser with candles! Organizations across the country are seeing a great response with Home and Garden Party candle fundraisers. If you are looking for a fundraising idea that is profitable and easy, then look no further!
  85. GameballSports - GameBall Sports maintains a large inventory of a variety of athletic and promotional products in our own line to meet your needs! All products are available for immediate shipping.
  86. Gatorade Sports Science Institute - Sharing knowledge on sports nutrition and exercise science
  87. Get a Grip Climbing Walls, LLC - Phone: 614-760-7068. Proving all of your climbing wall and climbing unit needs at an affordable price. We can provide you with everything you need from building activities in your gym, to training, and equipment. Check us out today!
  88. Get Kids Active - GKA (GetKidsActive.com) is a New Zealand based initiative which aims to help provide parents, teachers and caregivers with advice, resources and downloads about getting children physically active in an increasingly inactive world.
  89. Getting into Peak Shape - If you are honest about the idea of getting in top shape, it's simply not a practical reality that most people can constantly pursue. You just need the right guidance.
  90. Gopher Sport - PE and sports equipment supplier
  91. GoTrybe.com - Kids' Fitness, Nutrition, Motivation, and Wellness!
  92. Greg Larson Sports - Teamwear and equipment source
  93. Gym Motivators - Physical education posters. Gym Motivators' posters add fast color to boring walls in gyms, locker rooms, weight rooms, hallways and offices.
  94. gyms 4 home.com - Gym Equipment, Multi Gyms, Treadmills and Cross Trainers all available from gyms4home.com
  95. Health Edco - shares your passion for health education. For more than 30 years we've helped bring health education to life with a wide variety of unique models, games, 3-D displays, multimedia charts, and more.
  96. Healthy People Atlanta - A health organization that is focusing on improving both physical and mental health in the Atlanta Metropolitan area.
  97. Heart "E" Group - A health and lifestyle curriculum for elementary school children, grades 1-3.
  98. Healthy Steps Walking Competition - You can win prizes and walk around the United States online!
  99. Heartalker - The world's only talking heart rate monitors.
  100. HeartPower! - American Heart Association's curriculum-based program for teaching about the heart and how to keep it healthy for a lifetime.
  101. Heart Zone Training - Providing leading-edge information and products all linked to the most recent heart rate monitor technology.
  102. High quality all-inclusive volleyball system - Our system comes complete with a canvas carrying case, high end tournament quality two cable net, high quality ball, ropes and anchors.
  103. Holcomb Hathaway, Publishers - Publishers of a full list of activities books and a new case studies book for use in college methods classes.
  104. HotPE.Com - Subscribe to a monthly collection of cutting edge ideas including a fitness calendar, motivators, authentic assessments, interdisciplinary ideas, 2-minute drills and more. Created by Gary Adrian, Judy Wilson, and Bud and Sue Turner. Free onsite demo.
  105. I Can Juggle - Dave Finnigan, a great teacher and motivator brings his juggling program to your school. For his latest schedule check the link, to email him, click here.
  106. Idea - Health and fitness news and information
  107. Imagination Sport - Design and market unique physical education products for K-12.
  108. Infinite Illusions - Juggling Supplies
  109. Information Technology Degree - Guide to Top Online Information Technology Degree Programs. Search 200+ Information Technology Online Degrees, Associates, Bachelors, & IT Masters Degrees.
  110. Innovative Fitness Connections - Fitness materials for middle, junior high, and high school from Bonnie Hopper & Bonnie Nygard.
  111. Innovations 4 PE - Providing the highest quality instructional methods, resources and strategies to support the continued advancement of physical education and sport.
  112. Institute for Sport Coaching - Training and Professional Development Products & Services for Sport Coaches
  113. International Association for the Child's Right to Play - Interdisciplinary web site
  114. International teaching jobs overseas - Teacher jobs & UK vacancies. Click 4 Teachers offer a choice of jobs for Primary, Secondary and Special Needs teachers.
  115. International Walk Our Children to School Day - It promotes physical fitness, as well as pedestrian safety.
  116. JJump to the music - A fun-filled, music-filled way for kids to get the exercise they need – right in the comfort of your own home.
  117. Janssen Peak Performance - This site provides you with several tips and techniques to: Master the mental game of sport & competition; Build a committed, cohesive & championship team; and, to become a more successful & credible coach.
  118. Jugglenow.com - Juggling equipment and instructions available online.
  119. Jumpropenet.com - Rene Bibaud, jumprope performance artist, five-time World Skipping Champion and former artist with Cirque Du Soleil. Now available for personal appearances and school assembly programs. Equipment supplies and instructional ideas.
  120. Jumpropes by Heartbeat - a complete line of jumpropes and instructional materials for rope skipping.
  121. Just Walkers - Just Walkers is America's favorite place to shop for all walkers, rollators, canes and all your mobility needs.
  122. Kids on the move - Creative Movement for Children of All Ages - Come take a look at our book
  123. KIN-BALL - The International KIN-BALLŇ Federation. A new cooperative sport with emphasis on fair-play. (French Canadian site)
  124. Kubbin.com - Kubb (pronounced koob) is tossing sticks at another teams wooden blocks (Kubbs) and the first one to tip all the other teams wood, wins.
  125. Learning ZoneXpress -- We are the leading producer of nutrition, health and wellness teaching tools for Pre K – Gr. 12. Our relevant and eye-catching products include posters, banners, lesson plans, DVDs, games, incentives (stickers, bookmarks, etc) that promote a healthy lifestyle. We create about 100 new products each year, so if you an idea for a product – email us at customercare@learningzonexpress.com.
  126. Leisure Information Network
  127. Leisure Vacancies - Leisure Vacancies features hundreds of leisure jobs in the Health and Fitness industry.
  128. Letters that WOW - We, at Letters that WOW, developed the digital letter art and perfected the underlying technology to help you create a truly extraordinary sports gift.
  129. Live-in Fitness Camp - . you're going to lose the weight, keep it off, and change your life forever!
  130. McGraw-Hill Publishing Company - Books for teaching physical education, health, human perfomance and nutrition.
  131. Michigan's Exemplary Physical Education Curriculum Project - The mission of EPEC is to enable those responsible for physical education in Michigan to create exemplary programs
  132. Microfit - PE Manager and PE Tracker software programs make it simple for teachers to collect, analyze and report data for the FITNESSGRAM, President's Challenge, and school health screenings, record daily activities such as attendance, exercise participation, heart rate data, pedometer data, rubrics, and student notes and much more.
  133. Modifiedpullupbar.com - Manufacturer of high quality Modified Pull-Up Bars specially designed for the modified pull-up fitness test.
  134. Motor Opportunities Via Education (MOVE) - MOVE International is dedicated to helping children and adults with severe disabilities sit, stand and walk.
  135. Moving & Learning - Curriculum resources and professional development training for early childhood and elementary physical education.
  136. Munchkin Field - We sale childhood play products: balance coordination, physical improvements, tactile reception, creative stimulation, ball play, and educational products. We facilitate age groups 1-8 and market to parents and professionals.
  137. My DUIattorney.org - Is it True a DUI Attorney Might Help You Avoid Jail, Keep Your Driver's License & Prevent a Criminal Record? Find a Local Lawyer Here!
  138. My Football Coach
  139. NACAMS -National Association of Complementary and Alternative Medicines - The National Association of Complementary and Alternative Medicines (NACAMS) support the community with public education programs, marketing resources, practice support, in over 350 alternative medicine practices.
  140. NASCO's Physical Education Catalog - Features over 3,000 items selected specifically for physical education professionals.
  141. National Association for the Education of Young Children - nation's largest organization of early childhood professionals and others dedicated to improving the quality of early childhood education programs for children birth through age eight
  142. National Association for Health and Fitness-introduce "GET AMERICA ON ITS FEET!" - a national initiative that will provide support to states and local communities in the areas of obesity prevention, worksite wellness, and independent living for active, older adults
  143. National Center on Physical Activity and Disability (NCPAD) - Research Citation Database, which contains references for journal articles, newsletters, book excerpts, and hyperlinks to Web sites
  144. National Network for Childcare - practical information and resources that will be useful to you in your everyday work with children
  145. Navy Run Jump n` Throw - For students grades 1-12. Developed to be a fun team activity based upon track and field team scores
  146. New Lifestyles - DIGI-WALKER pedometers, NL-2000 activity monitors, physical activity programs for schools and corporations, and more!
  147. Netting - Sports & golf netting & net specialists
  148. NJAPE - New Jersey Adapted Physical Education Council to promote the advocacy of adapted Physical Education
  149. North American Riding for the Handicapped Association - NARHA is a membership organization which fosters safe, professional, ethical and therapeutic equine activities through education, communication, standards and research for people with and without disabilities.
  150. Nutripoints - Learn which foods are good for you and which ones are really better.
  151. OPTP - Balance, proprioception, stretching products such as Swiss Balls, Foam Rollers and Stretch-Out-Strap
  152. Overstock.com - Various merchandise categories are listed here, including SPORTS. There are subcategories under the sports link title. Buy at a discounted rate for overstocked items.
  153. PALAESTRA: Forum of Sport, Physical Education & Recreation For Those With Disabilities, a quarterly publication
  154. Palos Sports - physical education, recreation and athletic equipment at competitve prices, quick shipping and outstanding customer service. Check us out and sign up for our monthly newsletter!
  155. Pass Football - Offer games and leagues for individuals interested in football
  156. PE4Life - A national non-profit dedicated to restoring a healthy and fit lifestyle for today's children.
  157. PE Central's Kids Quiz - The Kids Quiz is a daily online quiz which challenges kids under the age of 18 and tests their knowledge about nutrition, fitness, health, physical education, sports, and a host of other topics and trivia.
  158. PE Central's LOG IT Program - Log It invites students, teachers, schools, classes, and parents to record their physical activity steps, miles, or kilometers online!
  159. Pediro Internet Sports Mall - Find all sports brands on pediro.com - New collection sporting goods brands and designer swimwear collections.
  160. PE Zone - Most of the routines, activities, and lesson plans on this site have been developed by undergraduate physical education students at the University of Central Florida.
  161. Peaceful Playgrounds - Guide to activities that can be offered on school playgrounds
  162. Peak Performance - The world's leading sports science newsletter.
  163. PE Sport and Adventure DVDs - Interactive DVDs for PE teachers, coaches, and fitness directors of activities and games that work for your students.
  164. Petanque America - The French cousin of bocce ball. Rules and equipment.
  165. PE Videos - Videos for analyzing games and sport skills, by Brian Sather at Eastern Oregon University.
  166. Physical Education Digest - For teachers, coaches and athletes. Over 35 illustrated articles on improving sports techniques, fitness and PE classes; a 13-year index and links to other PE & sports sites. Download (for free) a complete issue, posters, charts and reproducible material (i.e. overtraining chart, cross-country quick-score sheet, etc).
  167. Physical Therapy Aide - Guide to Physical Therapy Aide Degrees. Search 100+ Online Physical Therapy Degree Programs to find the Top Physical Therapy Aide School for You.
  168. Pilates Equipment - Top quality Pilates Equipment and Accessories at reasonable prices. Buy direct from the factory for personalized attention! We ship worldwide.
  169. Playaboule - variation of the French game of boules
  170. Polar - Thousands of physical educators have chosen Polar to teach fitness for life. E Series heart rate monitors, TriFIT assessment systems, PE Manager grading software and Companion pocket PCs all work together, making it easy for physical educators to objectively assess, measure and document both student and class performance daily and over time. Make a difference with the New PE and Polar.
  171. Polar Ball - A football game for both sexes.
  172. Premier's Sport Awards Program - Providing sport skill development resources to help teachers, coaches, moms and dads, and recreation leaders teach children their basic sport skills
  173. Preschool Education - A place for preschool educators to give and get ideas for the complete lesson plan!
  174. Preschool PE
  175. President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports (PCPFS)-Presidential Physical Fitness Award Program
  176. President's Physical Fitness Challenge Homepage-Information about the Presidential Physical Fitness Test
  177. ProFit - Professional fitness instructor training.
  178. Project Fit America - National non-profit public charity dedicated to getting kids fit.
  179. Project INSPIRE - fact sheets regarding typical behaviors associated with a number of disabilities, program modification suggestions, and Internet links
  180. Pro-teacher - Lots of neat things here including help for beginning teachers
  181. Real Sports Magazine - the magazine of choice for fans and athletes involved in girls' and women's sports.
  182. RYP Sports - Sells a full line of sports electronics. Pedometers, heart rate monitors, stopwatches, and more with the purpose of encouraging people to go out and raise their pulse.
  183. Sandy (Spin) Blade - Basketball tips, books, motivational material, basketball drills, school assembly programs, basketball links, camps and clinics, and half-time performances.
  184. School Spirit Store - specializes in custom spirit apparel and other spirit products. We work with all types of sports organizations, cheerleading squads, booster clubs and all types of school groups.
  185. Schoolwide and Classroom Discipline - article documenting the history and current status of classroom discipline
  186. SEC Championship Game - Looking for information about the SEC Football Championship Game? Find historical SEC Championship Game winners as well as info about this year's SEC Football Championship Game online at the SEC's #1 fan site, SECtalk.com.
  187. The Shape Up Shop - Exercise Balls, resistance bands & tubes, abdominal and fitness, equipment, and games
  188. Skating Association for the Blind and Handicapped (SABAH) - information about their ice skating program for people with visual impairments.
  189. Skate in School - An in-line skating program developed by industry leader Rollerblade and NASPE for schools, featuring discounted skates and an innovative curriculum.
  190. The Skaters Junk Yard - Used skating equipment
  191. ShapeUpShop -Quality sports, fitness and recreation equipment for active people.
  192. Skatetime School Programs - Rollerskating information. Use guest password "2cool"
  193. Snow School - Lesson plans for teaching many activities in the snow and many links to snow resources.
  194. Soar of Columbus Fitness Systems - Soar of Columbus Fitness Systems was founded in 2002 with the purpose of providing speed, power, and destabilization training to young athletes in Central Ohio.
  195. SPARK Physical Education - SPARK is now a non-profit organization of San Diego State University dedicated to improving physical education for children and teachers everywhere
  196. Special Olympics -This site is maintained by Special Olympics International
  197. SPEED STACKS, INC - Speed Stacks, Inc., The Leader in Sport Stacking! We have everything you need for a successful sport stacking program…check out our new “On the Move with Speed Stacks Activity Guide!” (Cup stacking was officially renamed sport stacking by the World Sport Stacking Association in Jan, 2005).
  198. Spinning Bees - World Champion Gary Auerbach offers frisbee clinics for your school.
  199. Spintastics - Yo-yo supplies and tips for skill development
  200. Sport For All-Provides developmentally appropriate uses of sport-related skills for children ages 3 to 10 years
  201. Sports Media - Lots of cool information here
  202. Sportime - Equipment information and how to register for PE Talk newsgroup.
  203. Sport Systems Canada, Inc. - Sports equipment including: gym floor coverings, sports netting, wall padding, bleachers, soccer, basketball, volleyball, tennis, football golf netting, protective netting, athletic mats and more for commercial and institutional applications.
  204. Spring into Action with Coach JJ - A new "edutainment" approach empowering kids to explore the essential motor and physical skills used in sports. These songs are non-sport-specific and focus on basic locomotor, nonlocomotor, and manipulative skills.
  205. S&S DISCOUNT SUPERSTORE: Everything you need for physical education, fitness and exercise! FREE Shipping on orders over $59!
  206. Stagestep - Cut to order flooring for the performing arts and health and fitness fields, and portableî basketball floors from Tarkett.
  207. Station PE -produces audio cds for physical education. All of our cd's are specifically formatted to help teachers manage station-based lessons. Teachers can choose from 30 second, 1,2 or 3 minute intervals.
  208. Stopwatches.com - A complete selection of Robic, Ultrak, and Seiko Stopwatches & other timing gear.
  209. Strength Systems, Inc. - Offering over 100 athletic training products that help athletes increase their vertical jump, speed and quickness. Team and school discounts available.
  210. Stressdots - a valuable biofeedback tool; a fun way to keep your stress in check and... STAY HEALTHY!
  211. Super-fit.com - Workout routines, workout music, excessories, supplements, and more. Check it out!
  212. Sun Company - We offer a full line of pedometers, step counters and accessories at discounted pricing for schools.
  213. Swimming Lessons for the fearful and struggling at SwimwithUs
  214. Teachers Survival Guide - A government publication offering useful tips for new teachers on connecting with other teachers, your principal, parents, etc
  215. Teacher Talk - access articles on classroom management, cultural diversity, violence in the schools, preparing for student teaching, and a host of other articles
  216. TeAch-nology.com - Offers teachers FREE access to lesson plans, printable worksheets, over 150,000 reviewed web sites, rubrics, educational games, teaching / technology tips,
  217. Teach PE.Com - British site containing information about PE teaching and sport in the United Kingdom
  218. Technika.com - This site sells precision measurement instruments such as stop watches and safety belts.
  219. Teen Health & The Media - This site focuses on teen health issues and the media. The underlying mission of our site is to educate teens, parents, teachers, and others who work with young people about the powerful influence the media has in shaping health norms.
  220. Tennis Anyone - One of a kind tennis products and clothing for the world.
  221. The Cooper Institute for Aerobics Research - Physical educators can get information about the FitnesGram health related fitness test.
  222. The Nesquik Fit Kids Challenge - Unique program encourages kids to get moving and have fun by setting fitness goals for one month and then reporting on their successes
  223. The Perceptual PreSchool Site - celebrate the creativity and dedication of all those who contribute to the perpetual education of young children.
  224. Therapy-Pro - Design, customize and print customized exercise routines.
  225. The School Health Index (SHI) - consists of eight modules inviting your school to conduct a self-assessment of eight aspects of the comprehensive school health program.
  226. Therapeutic Recreation - a therapeutic recreation directory site, with links to many different topics ranging from activity and treatment ideas to workshops and conferences.
  227. The Great Body Shop - Health and substance abuse prevention curriculum K-6.
  228. Thompson Educational Publishing - Books on social issues of sports and more.
  229. The United States Tennis Associations (USTA) Schools Program - Visitors to this site can learn about the terrific service the USTA provides for physical education programs.
  230. Toledo Physical Education Supply - P.E. supplies, fitness equipment and sporting goods. Low prices, fast shipping!
  231. Turnstep.com - Everything you ever wanted to know about teaching aerobics
  232. UnicycleClub.com - dedicated to promoting Unicycle Clubs in the schools.
  233. University of Alberta Health Information Web site - features FREE downloadable interactive health education software
  234. U.S. Games - HPER equipment supplier
  235. USFIT - USFIT Group Fitness Instructor Certification program. A 28 hour program, providing students with practical as well as a lecture learning experience.
  236. Vertical World Walls - Vertical World manufactures, installs and designs traverse walls for schools, home, parks and community centers.
  237. Walk4life - Supplier of activity monitors and pedometers
  238. Wall Padding - Wall padding for gyms & gymnasiums
  239. WeCare Sports - W.E. C.A.R.E. builds self-esteem by teaching unique skills that are easily mastered at the beginning levels and promote confidence and success.
  240. Wolverine Sports - PE and sports equipment supplier.
  241. Womens Fitness - Provides information and advice on women's health and fitness issues such as diet, lifestyle, pregnancy, and relationships.
  242. Works for Me Tips on Behavior Control - Order, respect and trust in the classroom are the key issues addressed here
  243. Works 4 Me Tips on Managing your Classroom - Techniques educators use to create a balanced classroom
  244. World of Jumping Rope - Rope Jumping related materials and information.
  245. You Can Handle Them All -This Web site, although commercial in nature, brings you some answers to several discipline scenarios that you may face as a teacher
  246. YOUTRAINFITNESS™ is the maker of the PUSHUP GRID™ - Pushup Training and Assessment Mat. The PUSHUP GRID™ is the first and only Exercise Alignment Mat System that helps to standardize the pushup and helps students to align their hands properly for performing the pushup. Our mat is also suitable for use by individuals who are Visually Impaired/Blind (Adapted Physical Education).
  247. Youth-Sports.com - Information to help coaches and parents introduce kids to team sports plus teach sportsmanship.


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