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  October/November 2014, Volume 16 Number 8


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See YOU in Seattle at SHAPE America 2015 National Convention

If you haven’t already done so, I encourage you to schedule March 17-21 2015 into your calendar. That's when several thousand like-minded physical and health education professionals will be descending upon Seattle (my hometown!) for our 2015 national convention.

If you’ve visited Seattle in the past you already know it's a fantastic location for a convention (or vacation). Pretty much everything you want to see and visit in the city is within walking distance - the convention center, hotels, and sights. And what a variety there is! You can find plenty of visitor information online including a visit destination video and this short promotional film.

More details about the convention itself will be released later this month on the SHAPE America convention web site. Make a note to check back soon to get the best price on registration and hotel selection. I do know that each day is scheduled to begin with a keynote address from a nationally known presenter and then followed by dozens of other interesting choices from selected national and international presenters. And of course the Exhibit Hall will showcase the latest in equipment, programs and technology from more than 300 exhibitors.

I'm excited, and all of us who call the Pacific Northwest our home are looking forward to having you join us for what promises to be one of the best ever national conventions. One added suggestion is to see if you can schedule a few extra days either before or after the convention to do some sightseeing outside of the city. It’s a quick hop on a boat for a day trip to Canada or the San Juan islands, visit some fantastic wine country, hit the mountains for snow sports, and much more. Don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime event. Get it on your schedule and make travel reservations as soon as you can. And since I’m a local, if you have any questions feel free to contact me directly.

This month pelinks4u features some great contributions from your teaching colleagues. PETE faculty will want to closely read the sad story authored by Tom Templin and his colleagues detailing the end of Purdue’s PETE program. Chuck Corbin concludes last month’s advice on preventing the loss of high school PE. Margaret Robelee shares advice on extending physical activity outside of PE time. George Goss shares some frustrations with today’s teaching expectations and where he sees us having most impact. And Victoria Otto believes that the breathing exercises integrated into her yoga classes can help students deal with the rising level of stress they experience daily. Good stuff to make us all think. Enjoy and I hope your fall is going well.

Steve Jefferies, publisher

Featured pelinks4u Articles

End of a Golden Era: The Demise of a PETE Program
After a hundred year history, Purdue’s physical education teacher education (PETE) program is scheduled to close in 2018.  In this article Tom Templin, Bonnie Blankenship, and Kevin Richards describe the circumstances leading to Purdue University’s decision to stop preparing future PE teachers. What they describe is a warning for everyone currently working in professional teacher education should no ignore.
High School Physical Education—Part 2: Going on Offense to Improve Programs and Prevent Program Loss
Chuck Corbin concludes last month’s recommendations on ways to counter physical education program reductions and to improve the quality of high school physical education. Last month he suggested that by the time a program challenge has reached the school board agenda, the battle has already been lost. The focus this month is on making some innovative changes to the high school curriculum.
PE Plus: Ways to Make a Difference when Students Leave the Gymnasium
Time, or more specifically the lack of it is a huge challenge that all physical educators face when trying to positively influence their students’ health and physical activity. In response, elementary physical educator Margaret Robelee has created different ways to increase the time students are active outside of PE classes. Learn more!
What Should Be the Main Focus of Today’s PE Teacher?
Elementary PE teacher George Goss is confused and frustrated that physical education teachers have to constantly juggle their time between instructing, assessing skills and fitness levels, managing space, organizing equipment, monitoring behaviors, and much more. He describes the focus of his own program and the impact he believes it is having on his students.
A Culture in Crisis: How PE can Begin Changing the Next Generation
Victoria Otto is concerned at the level of stress American teens are reportedly feeling and the consequences stress is having on their health. She points out how exercise can counter this trend and describes how she integrates breathing exercises into the yoga instruction she gives in her physical education classes.
  • What Every Educator Should Know About Concussions- A Healthy School
  • Free concussion curriculum available online.
  • New CDC Resources: 2012 Physical Education Profiles Report& Fact Sheet.
  • National PE Institute 2014 presenter videos (Jean Blaydes Moize, George Graham, Joey Feith, Guy Le Masurier, Bob Pangrazi, Baker Harrell)
  • SHAPE America’s new “Exchange” offers members chance to discuss professional issues on an open forum.
  • No Excuses! A film about quality Physical Education now available free online.
  • Join the Global PE Community – Online! and listen to other recorded webinars.
  • Should traditional sports such as football and basketball be excluded from high school physical education to make room for more lifelong physical activities? Learn here.
  • Negative Experiences in Physical Education and Sport: How Much Do They Affect Physical Activity Participation Later in Life? Learn here.
  • (AZ) Scottsdale reduces elementary PE classes.
  • (CA) Youth to the Core is a nonprofit program with a mission to bring more physical education to schools.
  • (CT) PE teacher Lisa Daniele saves young student from fox attack.
  • (GA) STEM integrated into physical education
  • (ID) Levy fails so Lapwai if high school students will take PE online.
  • (MA) Springfield students celebrate “Walk to school” day.
  • (OR) Beaverton schools fall short of new physical education standards.
  • (PA) Loss of education funding leads to cuts in physical education.
  • (PA) Proposal to eliminate swimming instruction at the middle school defeated.
  • (PA) Story walks to turn students into active readers. Learn here.
  • (TN) Nike donates $250,000 to Shelby County Schools to help develop a culture of physical activity and physical education.
  • (WI) American Cancer Society pushes to increase physical education in Wisconsin schools.
  • (Canada) Physical literacy resource for teachers launched by the Canadian Paralympic Committee (CPC).
  • (Russia) $1.8 billion assigned to further develop physical education and sports and promote increased physical activity. Vladimir Putin and figure skater Yevgeny Plushenko asked to develop the curriculum.
  • (UK) ‘The Wizard of Oz: A School Journey’ (video) promotes ways to get students more physically active.
  • Simple but hard-hitting childhood obesity ads via Pinterest.
  • Risk factors for child obesity include sleep duration, parent BMI, parental food restriction.
  • First lady Michelle Obama acknowledges children’s complaints about healthier food items in school vending machines and cafeterias but…
  • Can the food and beverage> industry improve American health?
  • 2014 U.S. Report Card on Physical Activity for Children and Youth (video).
  • CDC releases 2013 obesity prevalence maps in USA.
  • Inclusion and physical activity access needs of individuals with disabilities from PCFSN.
  • Exercise Won't Cure ADHD on Its Own, but It Sure Can't Hurt.
  • (CA) Healthier K-12 Schools: Kaiser Permanente Southern California Awards $1.4 Million in Grants to Increase Healthy Eating and Physical Activity.
  • (IL) Another study shows that exercise boosts young brains.
  • (IL) New law requires schools to implement fitness assessments.
  • (KY) Kentucky’s Department for Public Health challenges public to join in the fight to end childhood obesity.
  • (NC) Classroom bikes help students raise reading scores.
  • (NC) Three ways to get kids to exercise outside of PE class.
  • (PA) Research validates theory physical activity can mean improved brain power.
  • (SD) SMART Program Ties Physical Activity With Academic Success.
  • (TX) Schools providing healthy foods helps fight childhood obesity.
  • (WI) Let's Get Physical: Head Start classrooms get active.
  • (Australia) Beyond Obesity: Western Diet Shown to Make People Unintelligent.
  • (UK) Lies, damn pies, and obesity statistics: We're NOT a nation of fatties claims doctor.
  • GOPHER offers "Grant Finder."
  • American Heart Association and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation launch "Voices for Healthy Kids" grant program.
  • National Collaborative on Childhood Obesity Research grants.
  • Healthy Environments.
  • Gopher Grant Finder
  • CATCHing Funding Dollars
  • National Collaborative on Childhood Obesity Research: Several funding opportunities.
  • Childhood Obesity Rapid Response Funds: Deadline open.
  • PE4life/Speed Stacks Sport Pack Grant Program. Speed Stacks wants to help instructors motivated to offer a full-fledged Sport Stacking program but who lack funding. The Sport Pack Grant Program can equip you with all you need to provide your students with a unique and fun Sport Stacking experience. To apply, go to and download the grant application.
  • SPARK Grant Finder Tool
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