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  June/July 2015, Volume 17 Number 6


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  Learning Opportunities are Ageless

   Steve Jefferies, pelinks4u publisher

This month's edition of pelinks4u includes contributions from colleagues at very different stages of their careers, yet all still clearly passionate about our profession.

Earle Ziegler, now aged 96 is probably the most prolific writer on physical education related topics in history! When I asked him to share some thoughts about the future of our profession he responded with a 15-page essay almost overnight. For many years, Earle has argued that we should really call ourselves "physical activity educators," but as he notes, name-calling has preoccupied us throughout much of our history. Earle continues to challenge our professional thinking and I encourage you to download his essay and think about his suggestions.

At the other end of the professional spectrum, physical educator Bob Knipe is a social media entrepreneur. At the recent SHAPE America national convention in Seattle, Bob corralled several of the keynote speakers and persuaded them to deliver short-videotaped presentations for a physical education audience. Recently featured on SHAPE America's communication network Exchange, these videos can now be viewed on YouTube. They are all brief but inspiring. Take a look.

And not to be outdone, longtime physical education advocate and Naperville, IL High School PE teacher, Paul Zientarski recently delivered a TEDx Talk to a public audience in Bend Oregon. If you've ever watched a TED Talk you'll know how impactful they can be. Paul didn't disappoint, sharing with an enthusiastic crowd the value of physical education for developing smarter and healthier kids. Check out the link and watch Paul's 14-minute inspirational message.

The June - July issue of pelinks4u also includes much more. Andy Horne the 2015 SHAPE America Health Education Teacher of the Year is interviewed and shares some teaching tips. You can also watch as Andy sings a rap to engage his students in sex education! Although Andy's antics are difficult to follow, we also have essays from husband and wife Pete and Heather Van Mullem sharing thoughts on how teachers and coaches can have a life-changing influence. Christine Lottes gives some practical ideas for developing sportsmanship among athletes, and Greg Stewart explains how a product his company manufactures makes organizing a walk/jogathon easy.

Finally, I do encourage you to look at the PE News section, and check out what is happening professionally around the country and in other parts of the world. The summer break is a great time to reflect on how things have gone this past year and if you are looking for ideas check out the pelinks4u archives. Every issue for the past 17 years is still available! But most importantly, take time to rejuvenate and especially to staying healthy and enjoying the company of your family and friends.

Have a great summer,

Steve Jefferies, pelinks4u publisher
SHAPE America President

Featured pelinks4u Articles
Creating Positive Values Through the Promotion of Physical Activity Education
Few others have been as influential on the field of physical education than Earle Zeigler. A prolific author and presenter, Earle has challenged professional thinking for more than 70 years. Now aged 96, Earle shares this thoughts and continues to suggest what our profession needs to do in order to secure its future.
Andy Horne: 2015 SHAPE America Health Education Teacher of the Year Award Winner
Interviewed by pelinks4u Editorial Assistant Stephanie Brady, health educator Andy Horne suggests that health is the only subject matter that affects a student's life today and forever. Committed to motivating his students to take responsibility for their health Andy utilizes a variety of innovative teaching strategies including the use of scholarly raps! Don't miss watching Andy perform.
Want Smarter, Healthier Kids? Try Physical Education!
Paul Zientarski has dedicated much of his life to getting people to think differently about the value of physical education. He was responsible for developing the hugely successful PE program in Naperville IL, and today continues to share his passion for physical education through a TEDx Talk. Watch the video and be inspired.
PEPEPTalks: Interviews with Ken Cooper, John Medina, Dick Fosbury, Kevin Carroll and more
At the recent SHAPE America National Convention, Texas physical educator Bob Knipe managed to persuade the convention's keynote speakers to share a videotaped message to the physical education profession. Watch this series of motivating short videos on YouTube.
Living a Life that Matters: Invest in Others' Success
Many years ago, one of author Heather Van Mullem's former college teachers, shared with her a poem entitled, "What Will Matter." Readers were challenged to live a life that matters. In this essay, Heather eloquently recalls the influence her mentor had on her life and notes the potential that all of us who teach or coach have to change the lives of the young people with whom we interact.
A Coach's Legacy Captured in Words
I suspect that most pelinks4u readers participated in organized sports. If so, you are already well aware of the impact that coaches can make. Often most memorable are the short, to the point phrases coaches communicate to their athletes during games and practices. Sometimes motivational, sometimes disparaging, coaches distinguish themselves by what they say. Pete Van Mullem recounts the words of two longtime coaches.
Psychological Skills Training: Sportsmanship
For quite some time, Christine Lottes has shared psychological skills training tips with pelinks4u readers. This month she presents practical suggestions to help you develop sportsmanship with your athletes.
Organizing a School Walk or Jog-A-Thon
Founder of "Orbiter," Greg Stewart notes that school walk and jog-a-thons are today among the most popular school fundraisers. One of the biggest organizational challenges teachers face is lap counting. Greg's company makes a device that many are now using to simplify record keeping. Learn more.
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