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  November/December 2014, Volume 16 Number 9


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  2014: Physical Education Reading Recommendations

   Steve Jefferies, pelinks4u publisher

As 2014 comes to a close, perhaps you'll have a bit of extra reading time over the holidays? Here are a few reading suggestions from the nearly 50 essays and teaching tips articles we published in pelinks4u in 2014. You can also of course browse them all in our Archives. Enjoy!

A Profession in Transition
2013-14 was a year of great change for our professional organization AAHPERD. Five national associations were integrated into the new SHAPE America. AAHPERD President Gale Wiedow shared with pelinks4u the reasons and motivation for these changes and his hopes for our professional future.

Is Physical Education Heading Towards Extinction or a Renaissance?

Where's physical education headed in the future? Mike Metzler critiques physical education's current status noting rising public support for our programs. But Mike also cautions us to think carefully about the future expectations we set for PE. He describes two possible futures - one positive, one negative. Mike questions whether we should focus on teaching skills or physical activity. What do you think!

Are Physical Educators On the Way to Extinction?

Steve Cone, a former AAHPERD President is worried. Ten years ago he was optimistic about the future of physical education. Today, he's disappointed with our progress and suggests ways to move us forward.

End of a Golden Era: The Demise of a PETE Program

After a century, Purdue's physical education teacher education (PETE) program is scheduled to close in 2018.  Tom Templin, Bonnie Blankenship, and Kevin Richards describe the circumstances leading to the decision to quit preparing future PE teachers. It's a warning that everyone working in professional teacher education should'nt ignore.

It's all about Student Learning! National Standards and Grade-Level Outcomes for K - 12 Physical Education

SHAPE America released recently new National Standards and Grade Level Outcomes for K-12 Physical Education. Former NASPE President Lynn Couturier describes the thinking that led the creation of the standards and outcomes. She also challenges us to view skill development as the primary purpose for physical education.

Adult Behaviors Should Guide Physical Education

25 years ago, former AAHPERD President Ron Feingold was asked to justify physical education's impact on "adult behavior." Ron suggests that today we face similar, in fact worsening societal issues and that when thinking about what we teach in physical education we should be considering the behaviors we'd like to see in our students when they become adults.

High School Physical Education -- Part 1: Going on Offense to Improve Programs and Prevent Program Loss (see also Part 2)

Chuck Corbin has been involved many times in efforts to defend against reductions in PE programs. He thinks that by the time a program challenge has reached the school board agenda, the battle has already been lost. In this insightful two-part series Chuck describes how the profession can "take the offensive" to avoid program losses.

Secondary Online Physical Education: Walking a Tightrope

Several years ago, former NASPE President Craig Buschner was asked for NASPE's position on online physical education. Craig shares what we know about online physical education teaching and urges further investigation as to its effectiveness. Later in the year, Brian Kooiman posted a response to Craig's essay.

Hard Questions About Teaching Physical Education

Phillip Ward joins the debate about the purpose of teaching physical education. Phillip distinguishes between those who view physical education as a means to other important ends, and those who believe physical education's outcomes are important enough to not need justifying. Join the debate!

Making Meaningful Sense of Play

In the seriousness of our adult world, it's easy to trivialize the importance of play in the lives of children. Play scholar John Kilbourne both entertains and enlightens us recounting a play experience he and his daughter Zoe' had at a park when she discovered a new friend.

Physical Education Trailblazers - A Contemporary Look

Why do we do what we do in physical education? Steve Virgilio thinks that our teaching habits have been shaped by a relatively small number of "Trailblazers." Learn more about some of our profession's influential thinkers and the impact they've had on today's teaching.

Service and Commitment Can Create Change

Irene Cuchina recently completed her term as AAHPERD Past President. She describes the experience and gives us compelling reasons to get involved in our state, district, and national professional associations.

The Future of SHAPE America

When I was elected the new SHAPE America President Elect in April, I shared some thoughts about the future of our professions. I suggested that for the PE profession to succeed in the future, we needed to set some big, audacious, and challenging professional goals. You can read them here!

Finally, as the year closes let's also not forget the passing (in late 2013) of two legendary physical education figures, Seymour Kleinman and John Massengale.

Very best wishes for the holidays from all of the volunteer writers and editors who work to provide you pelinks4u each month entirely free! Thanks too for the support from the companies and organizations whose logos you see in our publication. Please show your support for them when you have purchasing opportunities. Finally,  but most importantly, during the holiday vacation please travel safely, stay healthy, and especially be sure to set aside time to enjoy your family and friends.

Steve Jefferies, Publisher

Featured pelinks4u Articles
Promoting Your Physical Education Program
One of the greatest frustrations of PE teaching is knowing that what you do is really important for students and yet not getting much respect or support from those around you. Veteran elementary PE teacher Tom Winiecki writes the first of a two-part essay on what he does to promote and get others to support his PE program.
Taking the "LEPE" into Literature Enhanced Physical Education
Early in her career Lynn Hefele began creating an imaginary world in which her students could practice their skills. After several years, she began creating unique characters and a fantasy world to fit her curriculum. Thus began Literature Enhanced Physical Education (LEPE).
Promoting and Communicating Your Team Via a Team Website
Today's coaches and athletic directors are expected to wear many hats. It used to be that the media would contact you for team news and results. The change to digital media now means we have to become our own communication experts. Athletic director Bill Utsey explains the process his school district went through to develop an effective website.
The UNC Academic Scandal: The Power of a Coach
Coaches have enormous power to influence the athletic and life experiences of those they lead. Many coaches are revered for the life-changing impact they've had on their athletes. But as Pete Van Mullem writes, others have been found to have had a far less positive impact. He reports on the recent scandal from North Carolina.
Improve Your Sport Skills: Five Strategies to Successfully Engage in Imagery
Imagery is a popular psychological skills performance enhancement technique many athletes use to mentally practice and prepare themselves for sports. Heather Van Mullem summarizes five key strategies athletes for effectively using imagery rehearsal.
Deliberate Practice Helps Improve Sport Skills
In this essay, John Strong questions the way in which many coaches design their practice drills. He believes that practice time is often ill spent. John explains the concept of "Deliberate Practice" and how this might translate into the design of more effective sport training situations.
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