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  • Nutrition for Kids: Activities & WebQuests -- Online Activities & Games, Printable Activities, and WebQuests. There are a LOT of wonderful resources here, so check it out. A fun way to teach kids about nutrition!
  • MyPlate - In early June 2011, the USDA released a consumer friendly version of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans. Alongside came the new food plate icon, MyPlate. Learning ZoneXpress offers the following USDA MyPlate poster, tablet, magnets, stickers and bookmarks to help teach children and adults alike all about choosing a healthy plate! Look for more products to follow - perfect for the classroom, cafeteria, medical office - anywhere the USDA MyPlate can be used to enhance nutrition education.
  1. 123 Greetings - Offers e-greetings cards targeted to health and diet topics (such as weight loss encouragement)
  2. ABC Home Preschool - Free Preschool Physical Education Ideas
  3. About Olympics - AboutOlympics was formed to offer a unique reference point on the olympic games, olympic history and british olympic stars. All the information you need about the Olympics, including games rules, olympic personalities, olympic history and the olympic judging procedures.
  4. AccuPOS's Food Safety Materials for Educators - Resources for teachers and others to use in day to day education and in their curriculum to help kids learn all about food safety.
  5. Action for Healthy Kids - Action for Healthy Kids works to improve nutrition and increase physical activity in schools.
  6. Addiction intervention referrals - National Intervention Referrals provides quality intervention services for families and individuals who are struggling with addiction, alcoholism and other forms of crisis.
  7. Adventure Cycling Association - We are America's largest bicycle non-profit group, and we thank you
    for supporting our efforts to get kids active and engaged through bicycle travel. Read also the news release on Pedal Pioneers, and access the direct link under Pedal Pioneers on this page. 
    Pedal Pioneers: A Guide to Bicycle Travel with Kids is a first-of-its-kind, in-depth guide on how to organize youth bicycle trips. It is designed for kids who can ride a bike on their own, and guides parents and leaders through every stage of organizing a multi-day youth bicycle adventure.
  8. A Guide to a Healthy Heart - Great information and links on how to have a healthy heart. Sent to us by a student named Katelyn (submitted to us by her teacher). Thanks Katelyn!
  9. allRefer.com Health - A medical and health information resource containing outstanding database of health articles and reference materials. Consumers and health professionals alike can depend on it for information that is authoritative and up-to-date.
  10. Anatomy Arcade - Anatomy Arcade makes basic human anatomy come ALIVE through awesome free flash games and interactives. Anatomy Arcade is perfect for the novice teenager in the classroom, right through to students and professionals of health care looking for a fun way to revise.
  11. Ball Dynamics International - carrying the full line of Gymnic, Gymnic Plus and FitBall lines of exercise balls, as well as a full line of educational products on therapeutic exercise using the balls.
  12. Become more flexible - Giving walkers and adventurers the right stretching equipment to provide flexibility, injury prevention and reduced recovery time.
  13. Blue Web'n - Many HOT links relating to health, fitness, and sports
  14. Body Language - Looking for signs and symptoms your body produces to show it is not nutritionally satisfied. For a better diet, and healthier body.
  15. Bowflex Workouts - unique information on whether Bowflex workouts are efficient in losing weight, and the reasoning behind the workouts
  16. Campbell's Labels for Education - Fitness and nutrition lesson plans created as a resource for classroom teachers, physical education teachers, and parents.
  17. Center for Health and Health Care in Schools - The Center for Health and Health Care in Schools (CHHCS) is a nonpartisan policy and program resource center located at The George Washington University School of Public Health and Health Services.
  18. C.L.A.S.S. Self-Defense is a physical education curriculum designed for physical education teachers and classroom teachers to promote safety education to elementary students and to incorporate within their existing curriculum.
  19. Colgate World of Care - Resources for Parents, Children, and Teachers for keeping children interested in oral care.
  20. Creative Health Products - Over 200 health and fitness testing and measuring products, such as heart rate monitors, bodyfat testers, strength and flexibility testers, etc. at large discounts.
  21. Cyberdiet.com - The best place for weight loss, nutrition, and diet on the Internet.
  22. Daily Physical Activities and Games - A to Z activities and games for primary elementary school students.
  23. Diet.com: Healthy weight loss program and diet plan based on personality and lifestyles.
  24. Dietspotlight.com - the complete health and weight loss resource.
  25. Dole 5-a day - This program is recognized in the U.S. and throughout the world as a leader in children’s nutrition education and the 5 A Day for Better Health Program.
  26. DPA in the Comox Valley - Our school district site is aimed at students, teachers and parents who want to engage in Daily Physical Activities: DPA. Bi-monthly themes are at: http://web.sd71.bc.ca/dpa/?q=node/62
  27. Dr. Koop.com
  28. DUI Foundation - The DUI Foundation’s purpose is to educate on the dangers of drinking and driving.
  29. DynamicMovement - We design and manufacture stretchy movement tools used in the arts, therapy, physical education, and fitness.
  30. Eating Disorder Referral and Information Center - We have the most comprehensive and easiest to search database of eating disorder treatment professionals in the world!
  31. EDiPHY: EDucation in the PHYsical - This is a new website designed around the idea that Physical Education is more than just playing games. It provides resources and activities that help to strengthen students in all three domains of learning: cognitive, affective and psychomotor. "Ediphy" also solicits participation by parents and students as well as teachers so that PE can grow as a result of input from the perspectives of all who are involved.
  32. Exercise Daily! Online Magazine - ExerciseDaily! is a free online wellness magazine. Our promise is to provide year-around research news and information on the latest discoveries in exercise, fitness, health, nutrition & wellness. Our goal is to create an information source in a practical format that is freely & readily available to the public at large.
  33. Extreme Body Workout - These resources will be especially helpful for physical education teachers as they plan their lessons and teach their students.
  34. Eyelearner.com - three DVDs get kids moving... because they (& teachers) love them. Already in thousands of classrooms across the contintent, now parents are watching as their kids laugh & sweat in front of the TV. Absolutely guaranteed to get your kids active!
  35. Finnish Fitness Plan, The - Benefits of fitness and sample quiz questions
  36. (The) First Tee National School Program - Launched in 2004, The First Tee National School Program trains physical educators to introduce children to the game of golf and The First Tee Nine Core Values ™ during regular physical education classes.
  37. Fitnessbeginnings - We specialize in children's exercise, fitness and dance videos.
  38. Fitnessgram Information
  39. Kanga Kooler™ - an All Natural Flavored Drink Mix which contains 75% less sugar than most popular kids drinks. Kanga Kooler™ has no artificial sweeteners, flavors, colors or preservatives and is caffeine free. Kanga Kooler™ is a good source of 21 essential vitamins and minerals, fiber, and calcium. Kanga Kooler™ is protein fortified. Kids love the great taste of Kanga Kooler™!
  40. KidsHealth - The largest and most visited site on the Web providing doctor-approved health information about children from before birth through adolescence.
  41. Fitness Lesson Plans - LessonCorner has organized a collection of Fitness lesson plans and worksheets.
  42. Kitnetic.com - Kidnetic.com is a healthy eating and active living Web site designed for kids aged 9 - 12 and their families. Kidnetic.com is a resource for kids and their families to inspire them to move toward healthier lifestyles. Kidnetic.com is also a resource for health professionals and educators to use when working with patients and students.
  43. Fitness Partner Connection Jumpsite - Source for fitness information
  44. Fitness Reporter - software for the President's Challenge and a Custom Test feature that can support Fitnessgram
  45. Food nutrition and diet tips - Guidelines for nutritional plans, food guide pyramid & various diet tips that promotes healthy eating.
  46. Food, Nutrition & Policy Consultants, LLC - FNPC has products and services to bring about change through policy and program analysis, evaluation, development, and advocacy training.
  47. Foot.com - Help for all foot conditions and ailments
  48. Freestyle Fitness - Techniques and exercises used in a a martial arts program
  49. Get Kids Active - GKA (GetKidsActive.com) is a New Zealand based initiative which aims to help provide parents, teachers and caregivers with advice, resources and downloads about getting children physically active in an increasingly inactive world.
  50. Get Kids Moving Now - Upside Right and the Teacher's Edition, complete with lesson plans, is an ideal book for elementary school libraries and reading across the curriculum programs. The Teacher's Edition comes complete with lesson
    plans to enhance the pysical education movement curriculum."
  51. go ask ALICE! - Go Ask Alice! is the health question and answer Internet service produced by Alice!, Columbia University's Health Promotion Program - a division of Health Services at Columbia.
  52. GoTryBe.com - We're the online fitness community where kids and teens can get active, learn about being healthy, and have fun doing it!
  53. GoTrybe.com - Kids' Fitness, Nutrition, Motivation, and Wellness!
  54. Great Cholesterol Lie, The - Cholesterol is NOT the cause of heart disease. Find out more...
  55. Great Nutrition Resources for Children - information is aimed at teaching young children and teenagers about how to eat healthy and the benefits of doing so.
  56. Headache Treatment Information
  57. HEALTH-LESSONS-PLAN-TEACHER.COM - health lesson plans that are effective and easy to teach.
  58. Health Links Directory - Thousands of links under different categories.
  59. Healthopedia - A medical and health consumer information resource containing comprehensive and unbiased information in patient-friendly language from trusted sources on over 1,500 health topics, 70 focused health centers, and more than 11,000 drugs and medications.
  60. Healthy Heart Program
  61. Healthy Highway - the green light to good health. This is an innovative curriculum-based K-5 program that uses a traffic theme approach to teach nutrition and exercise. Come visit the official "fuel station" site to get pumped up with fun and imaginative activities for a well-tuned body!
  62. Healthy Meal Experts - Health Meals Experts is your one-stop shop for all healthy recipes & tips for heart healthy cooking. You are what you eat & healthy meals is a key to longevity
  63. Heart Health - for patients and physicians
  64. HeartPower! Online - HeartPower! Online is the American Heart Association's curriculum-based program for teaching about the heart and how to keep it healthy for a lifetime. Nutrition, physical activity, living tobacco-free, and knowing how the heart works all are vital in maintaining a healthy heart.
  65. Heart Zones - Providing leading-edge information and products all linked to the most recent heart rate monitor technology.
  66. Helmet Safety - An excellent resource for information about the importance of protecting your head.
  67. Himalayan Goji Juice - Goji, the world's most nutritionally dense fruit, and Himalayan Goji Juice are getting international attention. Find out more about the Goji fruit and about Himalayan Goji Juice.
  68. HYPERSTRIKE Online Fitness - At Home or at the Gym, HyperStrike creates comprehensive fitness plans. With HyperStrike, you'll never walk into your gym or home without a planned, effective workout that constantly challenges you and helps you attain results. HyperStrike recently launched a series of free workout programs. These online programs show proper exercise technique, advice on how to set up workouts, and are customized for individual needs.
  69. Innovations 4 PE - Providing the highest quality instructional methods, resources and strategies to support the continued advancement of physical education and sport.
  70. Kathy Schrock's Health, PE, and Fitness links
  71. KID-FIT, a preschool P.E. program. Viewers can purchase a curriculum or get free regular newsletters, and a free monthly movement activity.
  72. KidsHealth.org - Information for parents, teens, and children on infections, behavior & emotions, food & fitness, and growing up healthy, as well as cool games and animations!
  73. Lesson Plans - Lesson Planet is a lesson plan search engine for teachers that provides teacher-reviewed online resources including more than 150,000 online lesson plans.
  74. Life Clinic - An online interactive diet and nutrition system. This new tool helps manage, plan and track user's daily diet and provides comprehensive tools, including shopping list, recipes search and menu planning FREE of charge.
  75. Los Angeles Physical Therapy - TMJ relief, back pain prevention, ACL or shoulder surgery recovery. Regain functionality with Westwood Los Angeles Physical Therapy, serving LA, Beverly Hills, Brentwood, Santa Monica.
  76. LoweringCholesterol.net - Offers natural and herbal products with information to lower high cholesterol and triglycerides to decrease the risk of heart disease.
  77. Massage Therapy School Sacramento - Sacramento massage therapy school, Healing Arts Institute, offers a Massage Certification Program and continuing education classes in subjects such as Deep Tissue Massage, and Sports Massage.
  78. Maternal & Child Health Library - The MCH community includes health professionals, policymakers, family advocates, community service professionals, MCH/public health faculty and students, families, and the public.
  79. Medical Mal practice Law -This site is an attempt to let you know about the malpractice law in different states of United States of America.
  80. MedScape - Visit your doctor online
  81. MyHeartDR - From the Heart Center an on-line service providing comprehensive cardiology focused information.
  82. MyPyramid.gov - One size doesn't fit all. MyPyramid Plan can help you choose the foods and amounts that are right for you.
  83. Noodle Games: Noodle Games is committed to developing ideas and concepts that use pool noodles to improve student fitness and wellness by maximizing participation and making moving fun.
  84. Nutrition and Diet Tools - lots of good resource links.
  85. Nutrition for Kids: Activities & WebQuests -- Online Activities & Games, Printable Activities, and WebQuests. There are a LOT of wonderful resources here, so check it out. A fun way to teach kids about nutrition!
  86. Online Health Calculators - Body-mass index, waist to hip ratio, body fat percentage, and target heart rate reserve.
  87. Overweight-Teen-Solutions.com- Specializing in teen and young adult nutrition, fitness and self-esteem issues linking visitors to a wide variety of effective products, treatments and technologies known to be of exceptional quality and value.
  88. PBS TeacherSource: Health & Fitness - PBS TeacherSource materials are developed by trained and practicing educators.
  89. Peak Performance Sports - Sports Psychology, mental training & mental toughness resources to enhance athlete confidence focus & composure.
  90. Pedal Pioneers: A Guide to Bicycle Travel with Kids is a first-of-its-kind, in-depth guide on how to organize youth bicycle trips. It is designed for kids who can ride a bike on their own, and guides parents and leaders through every stage of organizing a multi-day youth bicycle adventure. Learn more at Adventure Cycling Association.
  91. Pedometers - A variety of pedometers for measuring steps, calorie burning, and more.
  92. P.E. Majors Club - We are a group of current Kinesiology Majors students at Sacramento State University. This site was created to provide pre-service students and credential professors, as well as high school students to connect, learn, share, and discuss what we can do to make physical education better.
  93. Physical Fitness Resources for Kids - For some fun ideas on how to get fit and what exercises to try out, check out the links below. Find an activity that interests you and try it out. A very good list of fitness resources for kids!
  94. Physicians' Online - the world's largest online physician community.
  95. Pinehurst Golf - With CaddyTips you can learn to play your favorite golf courses like a pro. With our printable pocket sized guide, you will have a stroke by stroke strategy to help lower your scores.
  96. Polar Heart Rate Monitors
  97. PreschoolRock.com - PreschoolRock.com is a website for parents and teachers of preschoolers. Be sure to check out the nutrition section for healthy eating tips, guidelines, food reviews, recipes, and healthy meal and snack ideas. See also the pelinks4u comment section.
  98. Project ACES - All children exercising simultaneously day held annually in May.
  99. Public health degree - Publichealthdegree.com was created as an online informational resource for individuals looking to pursue a public health-related education and careers. We cover various topics ranging from what you can do with a public health degree, links to related resources, and information about this specific field within the job market.
  100. Quackwatch - A Guide to Health Fraud, Quackery, and Intelligent Decision Making.
  101. RunPals - Free Running Training Schedules Resource for running tips, maintaining proper health, and training programs. Receive free running schedules to train for your next race.
  102. Run, Jump, n' Throw - This website is for the Navy Run Jump n`Throw program, which is a non-profit organization promoting a free curriculum and sports training activity for students grades 1-12.
  103. Running Rocks! - Introducing RunningRocks.com, a Youth Running Web Portal Site provides resources for teachers, parents and youth program providers
  104. Safety Resources for Cyclists - When it comes to staying safe while biking, both road and off-road cycling can be dangerous. Visit this site for some great information about cycling safety.
  105. Slimarea - Slimarea is reliable and actual source of diet plans, nutrition and supplements data. It is health media property helping people lose weight.
  106. SportSmart - 10 point injury prevention plan.
  107. Smart-Mouth.org - Some have called the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) the "Food Police." The problems we try to solve are not usually crimes, but unsafe products, deceptive advertising, and laws that need to be changed.
  108. S.M.A.R.T. Spot - Looking for some everyday ways to help your family live healthier and make better choices? Just remember the five letters that stand for five simple steps: S.M.A.R.T.
  109. Smart Sun Safety - Provided by the Skin Cancer Foundation, new lesson plans and content for teaching sun safety/skin cancer prevention to grades 6-8.
  110. sportsmindskills.com - Mental skills training, sports psychology and imagery for athletes of all levels - Sports Mind Skills
  111. Strength Systems, Inc. - Offering over 100 athletic training products that help athletes increase their vertical jump, speed and quickness. Team and school discounts available.
  112. Tandalay Curriclum LLC - Tandalay All-Out-Play is an online physical education curriculum for kindergarten - 8th grade. The online curriculum includes comprehensive lesson plans, activities, class rosters, assessment program, teaching tips, unit newsletters in English and Spanish, and much more. Tandalay provides every student with a successful movement experience, in a physically and emotionally safe environment where EVERY body is a winner, while providing teachers with an easy to use, quality, standards-based program.
  113. Teen Health & The Media - This site focuses on teen health issues and the media. It's aim is to educate teens, parents, teachers, and others who work with young people about the powerful influence the media has in shaping health norms.
  114. TeenHelp.com - over 200 articles covering a variety of issues such as: teen suicide, depression, eating disorders, online safety, teen sexuality, dating, adolescent development, school, drug and alcohol abuse, parenting tips, and more.
  115. Teen-Help-Desk.com
  116. The Fitness Partner Connection
  117. The Great Body Shop - Health and substance abuse prevention curriculum K-6.
  118. The President's Challenge - Site of the President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports.
  119. Two P. E. Guys - Fun-filled skills for physical education. Two P.E. Guys’ goal is to provide the highest quality physical education class available to classroom teachers and physical education specialists.
  120. TWO P.E. GUYS FORUM - online forum in which teachers can go to find PE games/activities etc.
  121. Walk and Bike to School - Committed to improving safety, health, and mobility for those who wish to walk or bicycle.
  122. Washington State Dairy Council, the Nutrition Education People - Dietitians who specialize in developing nutrition education materials for K - 12 educators and health professionals.
  123. WebMDHealth
  124. Weissice.com - A great physical educator's resource for creative games and educational thoughts on best practices.
  125. Yoga Health Tips - Online Guide to the Practice of Yoga.
  126. Yoga poses, positions and asanas - Guide to Yoga Poses, Yoga positions, Yoga exercises, Yoga asanas and meditation for beginners and experienced yoga enthusiasts.
  127. YOUTRAINFITNESS™ is the maker of the PUSHUP GRID™ - Pushup Training and Assessment Mat. The PUSHUP GRID™ is the first and only Exercise Alignment Mat System that helps to standardize the pushup and helps students to align their hands properly for performing the pushup. Our mat is also suitable for use by individuals who are Visually Impaired/Blind (Adapted Physical Education).


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