General Reference Information     
  1. Ask Me Help Desk - an online expert community where you can ask questions in any topic and have them answered for free by our experts.
  2. Centre for Health Promoting Schools - Health literacy, comprehensive school health, grants, conferences & curriculum resources/links supporting healthy school environments for learning.
  3. Not My Kid - When parents of challenging kids ask for advise consider referreding them to Many articles and links.
  4. USPS Zip Code Lookup & Postal Information
General Library Resources
  1. Internet Public Library - Marvelous resources
  2. Library of Congress
  3. Library Spot
  4. My Virtual Reference Desk - Comprehensive and easy-to-use general reference library of online dictionaries, encyclopedias, thesauri, atlases, electronic texts, and more.
  5. North American Sport Library Network (NASLIN)
  6. Physical Education Digest
  7. Quick Reference/Resource
  8. Smithsonian Institution - Index and online materials in many subject areas
  9. Sportaces Itd - This site has articles on sports psychology, baseball psychology, coaching and even golf psychology.
  10. Sports Libraries Data Base
  11. The Virtual Reference Shelf
Government Resources
  1. Center for Disease Control
  2. Physical Activity and Public Health Courses (PAPH) - 8-day Postgraduate Course on Research Directions and Strategies and a 6-day Practitioner's Course on Community Interventions.
University and Higher Education
  1. (The) Career Toolbox: The Guide for Educators - Education careers require extensive training and creativity — especially now that technology grows more and more important in the 21st century classroom.
  2. College Scholarships, Colleges, and Online Degrees - offers information on traditional colleges, scholarships, college admission, college contact information, HBCU's, colleges for women, Christian colleges, colleges with programs for students with learning disabilities, career schools, vocational schools, a quick and easy GPA calculator, and much, much more.
  3. FastWeb - Matching Students with Scholarships and Universities
  4. Financial Aid Information
  5. Grants
  6. Health Administration Project, The - The Health Administration project is a young informational resource that strives to inform on the topic of health administration and management.
  7. Home Pages for Hundreds of US Universities and Colleges
  8. Master's in Teaching - Guide to Masters in Teaching Online Programs. Search 130+ Master of Arts in Teaching Online Degrees to find the Best Online Masters in Teaching Program.
  9. NYS Teacher Certification - Find the information you need about becoming a teacher in New York and the degree opportunities available to assist you in your goal.
  10. Online Degrees and Online Colleges - lists and describes more than 135 fully accredited colleges and universities, and offers links to more than 50 no-cost online scholarship matching services.
  11. Online Degree and Education Guide - This comprehensive guide has been created for current students and teachers as a reference with essential online tools and resources. This guide will also help prospective students learn more about online education.
  12. Online Speech Pathology Degree - Study your way to becoming a licensed speech pathologist. Bachelor's and master's degree programs in speech pathology and linguistics are available.
  13. PhD in Education - There are tons of advantages when it comes to getting your doctorate in education. This degree brings the greatest possible employment opportunities. Learn ways to get started today.
  14. PhD in Special Education - Search over 50 PhD and Masters in Special Education degrees, online schools, salaries, and jobs you can pursue with this degree.
  15. Public health degree - was created as an online informational resource for individuals looking to pursue a public health-related education and careers. We cover various topics ranging from what you can do with a public health degree, links to related resources, and information about this specific field within the job market.
  16. Public Health Degree - Search over 90 online, accredited Public Health degrees and schools. Find the degree that can start or advance your career today!
  17. ScholarshipHelp - This site helps students gain a better idea about the types of scholarships, and ideas on how to apply for them.
  18. Texas Teaching Certificate - Teacher certification as well as degrees for teachers who wish to continue their education.
  1. City Net Virtual Tourist II
  2. Country Specific Information
  3. Excite Travel - Entertainment guide to cities around the world
  4. How Far is It? Calculate the distance between places
Teaching Resources
  1. ABC Teach - This is the place for kids, parents, student teachers, and teachers.
  2. A to Z Teacher Stuff- Lesson plans, project ideas, teacher resources, and tips
  3. Christy Turlington Tobacco Free -Get a free "Christy Turlington Tobacco Free - It's a beautiful Thing" poster
  4. Classroom, The - A great resource site for students, teachers and parents
  5. Coach Glenn's Soccer Images -soccer players, balls, and other soccer images
  6. Collaborative Lesson Archive - Preschool thru college lessons online
  7. Discovery School's Clip Art Connection -Choose from hundreds of original clip art pieces, including sports and animations!
  8. - Lesson plans (over 2600) on numerous topics
  9. Education World - News, reviews, lessons, subjects, reference
  10. - three DVDs get kids moving... because they (& teachers) love them. Already in thousands of classrooms across the contintent, now parents are watching as their kids laugh & sweat in front of the TV. Absolutely guaranteed to get your kids active!
  11. Free Federal Resources for Educational Excellence
  12. Free Teaching Aids - Educators Guides to Free - Materials. Free samples online.
  13. Get Kids Active - A website designed to help children fight the obesity epidemic. Site has articles, recipes, LIVE statistics counter of child obesity, etc.
  14. Get Kids Moving Now - Upside Right and the Teacher's Edition, complete with lesson plans, is an ideal book for elementary school libraries and reading across the curriculum programs. The Teacher's Edition comes complete with lesson
    plans to enhance the pysical education movement curriculum."
  15. Global Schoolhouse - Collaborative projects, communication tools
  16. Got Milk Learning Tools
  17. Gym Archive - A tool to creat trainings or lectures. A database of exercises. Sessions by others teach new training techniques.
  18. Gym Motivators - Physical education posters. Poster sets include Character and Respect in PE, Fitness Principles, Success, Determination, Winning, and The Importance of PE.
  19. Health-Related Bulletin Boards -health bulletin boards developed by students at The University of Louisiana at Monroe
  20. Healt "E" Group International - Heart "E" Group has developed and published a healthy lifestyle program for the entire family! This new program, Heart "E" Heart, addresses the importance of healthy living, such as increased physical activity, nutritious eating habits, safety, and abstention from drugs, tobacco, and alcohol.
  21. Kids - An Internet magazine aimed at children, families and educators, featuring activities and information that empower kids to make healthy choices for themselves and the environment.
  22. Learning On The Move, LLC - Resources for Teaching & Learning in Physical Education
  23. Life Skills 4 Kids - Award-winning Life Skills, Drug Prevention, Character Education and Health resources for teachers and parents of K-6 children. Free lesson plans, free newsletter, free email, school assembly info, and related site links.
  24. Lightspan - Resources, research tools, grade specific activities
  25. McRel - Lesson plan exchange site for K-6
  26. Mesa County Valley School District 51 Physical Education Bulletin Board Ideas - PE bulletin board ideas
  27. is a FREE web-based teacher gradebook
  28. PBS Teachers Source - Links to sites like "Bill Nye the Science Guy" and Newton's Apple
  29. P.E. Majors Club - We are a group of current Kinesiology Majors students at Sacramento State University. This site was created to provide pre-service students and credential professors, as well as high school students to connect, learn, share, and discuss what we can do to make physical education better.
  30. Projects Based Learning Checklists -You can choose from writing, presentation, multimedia, or science projects.
  31. The Sports Posters Warehouse -Features a wide array of new and rare sports posters that you can purchase
  32. Puzzlemaker -create mazes, crossword puzzles, and many other fun things at this site
  33. Sites for Teachers -
  34. Tandalay Curriclum LLC - Tandalay All-Out-Play is an online physical education curriculum for kindergarten - 8th grade. The online curriculum includes comprehensive lesson plans, activities, class rosters, assessment program, teaching tips, unit newsletters in English and Spanish, and much more. Tandalay provides every student with a successful movement experience, in a physically and emotionally safe environment where EVERY body is a winner, while providing teachers with an easy to use, quality, standards-based program.
  35. The Free Site -Look around and see what you can find
  36. The Worksheet Generator -This free site that lets teachers make worksheets online and print them from their browser
  37. Teachers Helping Teachers - Lesson planning assistance
  38. TeAch-nology - Build web sites, graphic organizers; rubrics and worksheet generators: student contracts; awards; lesson plans
  39. Tournament Builder -Allows you to build your own tournament
  40. Tournament Winners -Allows you to determine who the winners are of your tournament
  41. USA School Tennis
  42. Using Technology in PE Newsletters
  43. Video Placement Worldwide -This site offers free sponsored educational videos and print materials for teachers
  44. WWW4Teachers -This site gives you online access to a multitude of tools for teachers,including rubristar (tomake rubrics), home page generator, and notes maker
Financial Information
  1. Finance Center - various tools for financial planning
  2. Mortgage Calculators - Their calculators allow you to find specific answers to your questions. By entering in key information, the calculators will estimate everything from your monthly mortgage payments to the maximum amount of money you can afford to borrow.
  3. Motley Fool - Great site for new investors seeking information
  4. Mutual Fund Finder - Prices and performance of all mutual funds
Internet Information
Use the following sites to compare prices when shopping on the Internet
  1. - At, we help you find the lowest book prices on new and used books by comparing prices at more than 2 dozen online bookstores. Our price comparisons include: Shipping Cost, Shipping Time, Sales Tax (when required), Availability and Condition (New or Used).
  2. Best Book Buys
  3. Best Buy
  4. BizRate

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