1. 30 Classic Games for Simple Outdoor Play - Some no-tech games that you may have enjoyed as a kid.
  2. About Olympics - AboutOlympics was formed to offer a unique reference point on the olympic games, olympic history and british olympic stars. All the information you need about the Olympics, including games rules, olympic personalities, olympic history and the olympic judging procedures.
  3. Adventure Sports Online - Recreation and Sports Outdoor Adventure Travel Directory
  4. Alabama Sports Festival
  5. Archery FITA - International Archery Federation
  6. Aquaskier.com – Water Sports Resources
  7. Baseball Links - Pro - Youth - Fantasy and just about everything else
  8. Basketball Coaching - In Search of Excellence; Basketball coaching information, tips and resources.
  9. Basketball Coaching 101 - Basketball Coaching made easy.
  10. Basketball Drills & Basketball Coaching Tips - 72 FREE basketball drills that will keep your players working hard and help you develop a winning basketball team! Get a brand new eBook crammed with 72 of our favorite basketball drills absolutely FREE! It includes complete step-by-step illustrations, easy-to-follow instructions, motivation tips, and coaching tips for all 72 drills!
  11. Basketball Tips: Get an informative newsletter packed with basketball tips, training drills, basketball plays, scoring and motivation tips, conditioning secrets and much more, absolutely FREE! BreakthroughBasketball.com also offers lots of useful articles to help build a winning basketball team.
  12. Blind Readers Page - This page is full of links about sports, games and recreation for those who are blind or have other disabilities
  13. Bowling Website - Helps kids learn to count pins/strikes/spares in bowling
  14. Champonline - Instructional Videotapes for Physical Education
  15. Cheerleading Camps - Varsity has been the driving force in making cheerleading the dynamic, athletic, high profile activity it is today. Find out more.
  16. Classroom, The: Physical Education Department - A one stop education reference site to enhance your skills !
  17. Classroom, The: Primary Physical Education Resources
  18. ClimbingTree.com - an online rock climbing database for Joshua Tree National Park by climbers for climbers.
  19. Coaching Basketball - Make a winning team with over 72 proven basketball drills and 32 best basketball plays in an informative coaching basketball newsletter, absolutely free. Get step-by-step illustrated, easy-to-follow instructions, motivation and coaching tips.
  20. Complete Bowling Index
  21. Crazy Kickball - Combines some of the elements of baseball, soccer, kickball, and dodge ball but adds some new and innovative rules.
  22. Dance Camp - Spirit Cheer is a Dance and Cheer Camp and Competition company that provides a healthy competitive environment for young dance students and cheerleaders.
  23. Dot Richardson Fan Club - Personal page, Olympic softball and related items
  24. EDiPHY: EDucation in the PHYsical - This is a new website designed around the idea that Physical Education is more than just playing games. It provides resources and activities that help to strengthen students in all three domains of learning: cognitive, affective and psychomotor. "Ediphy" also solicits participation by parents and students as well as teachers so that PE can grow as a result of input from the perspectives of all who are involved.
  25. FastSports - Fast Pitch and other sports
  26. Fencing.Net - Fencing news, training tips, chat and community features
  27. Field Hockey - ABC News (Australia) feature on Field Hockey
  28. Free Basketball Plays: Get a comprehensive 94 page eBook loaded with 32 of the best basketball plays, absolutely free! WinningbasketBallPlays.com also offers sample plays to help teams win games and score more points.
  29. Footbag - also hacky sack
  30. Frisbee - "Heave H.O.E." (Heaven on Earth) Basic Instructional DVD For All FRISBEE Flying Disc Students
  31. Fun-Attic: The Great Game List
  32. Fun Outdoor Activities for Kids - Here is a list of outdoor activities geared at children who are by themselves, ranging from hunting bugs to finding shapes, to engaging in physical activities like golf and running.
  33. GameCentralStation - Searchable database of pre-K through HS games
  34. Games Kids Play - More games
  35. Gorp.com – Adventure Travel and Outdoor Recreation
  36. Gymnastics - Teaching information compiled by John Williams
  37. Gymnastic Drills & Conditioning - Book with 75 drills and conditioning exercises.
  38. H2O Polo - Online interactive water polo community
  39. High School PE Lessons
  40. Inspirational Basketball - Finally, Youth Basketball Secrets Revealed, Easy-to-use Youth Basketball Teaching Techniques to Overcome Lack of Confidence, Skill, Physical Power and Practice Time on the Court.
  41. International Sailing Federation
  42. Judo Information Site
  43. Judo Portal - Takis Vakatasis: Most popular Judo Portal in Greece.
  44. Just Soccer Drills - 60+ quality soccer drills, suitable for all ages, with many more to come. Each drill comes with diagrams and clear instructions and all are in easy to print pdf format.
  45. KidsClick! Sports & Recreation - links to many different sports sites
  46. Koob - Koob is a throwing and strategy game for 2-12 players that originated during the Viking era. Koob is developmentally appropriate for children from grades 3-10, but is particularly useful in the middle school environment.
  47. Kubbin.com - Kubb (pronounced koob) is tossing sticks at another teams wooden blocks (Kubbs) and the first one to tip all the other teams wood, wins.
  48. Lance Armstrong On-Line - Personal site: on cycling
  49. Leonard Gordon Institute: Games & Activities
  50. Lighten Up Iowa - Lighten Up Iowa is a team based program designed to help make small changes during the course of five months to help them move towards a healthier lifestyle.
  51. Live Football - Instant access live football games, watch premiership matches online.
  52. MassBowling - provide you with all the information you need to begin playing the game. There have been a lot of changes since the game was invented in 1978, but it remains a game that anyone who can roll a ball will enjoy.
  53. NFCA Home Plate - National Fastpitch Coaches Association
  54. North American Youth Sports Institute - Resources for coaches of youth sports.
  55. On The Road: Bicycle Safety - Riding a bicycle is fun, good exercise and a great way to go green. However, it is important that cyclists pay attention to safety norms, rules and regulations while on the road.
  56. Outdoor Industry Jobs - The ultimate destination to find a job in the Outdoor Industry. Join other career-minded people who have successfully combined their passion for the outdoors with a challenging, fun and rewarding job.
  57. PE Praxis - Helping college PE majors pass the PRAXIS exam
  58. PE Primary - For those interested in elementary physical education lesson plan ideas
  59. Petanque America - The French cousin of bocce ball. Rules and equipment.
  60. REVOTARG - a highly competitive, exciting and fast moving team target game.
  61. PeVideo.org - A Platform for Sport Analysis and Instruction
  62. Physical Fitness Resources for Kids - For some fun ideas on how to get fit and what exercises to try out, check out the links below. Find an activity that interests you and try it out. A very good list of fitness resources for kids!
  63. Purerfoods - A way to a healthier lifestyle
  64. Ropeskipping.BE- "The Belgian Rope Skipping Portal" provide information about Rope Skipping in general (not only skills).
  65. Run, Jump, n' Throw - This website is for the Navy Run Jump n`Throw program, which is a non-profit organization promoting a free curriculum and sports training activity for students grades 1-12.
  66. Running Rocks! - Introducing RunningRocks.com, a Youth Running Web Portal Site provides resources for teachers, parents and youth program providers
  67. School Athletics Center, The
  68. Sepak Takraw (and another site link) - Combination of badminton and volley ball
  69. Soccer Clip Art - Over 200 pages of Free Soccer Clip Art, Images and Animations on this site
  70. Soccer Drills, Just - 60+ quality soccer drills, suitable for all ages, with many more to come. Each drill comes with diagrams and clear instructions and all are in easy to print pdf format.
  71. Somewhere Out There - Out and About in Southern California
  72. Speed Badminton - This is a new sport from Germany which wins more and more schools by offering a flexible alternative to the common racquet sports.
  73. Spirit Cheer - Spirit Cheer is a Dance and Cheer Camp and Competition company that provides a healthy competitive environment for young dance students and cheerleaders.
  74. Sport - N - Shoes - a sports equipment dealer offering a wide variety of physical education products.
  75. Sports [encyclopedia]
  76. sportsmindskills.com - Mental skills training, sports psychology and imagery for athletes of all levels - Sports Mind Skills
  77. SportKids.com
  78. Sport Stacking - a 'track meet for your hands at warp speed' which promotes eye-hand coordination, ambidexterity, focus and concentration. Includes several fitness components as well.
  79. TheMat.com - The ultimate source for wrestling
  80. The PE Office- The site offers Schemes of Work, Lesson plans, lesson ideas and extensive links that are vital for PE teachers and departments.
  81. Twopeguys.com - Summer Physical Education Workshops
  82. United States Tennis Association - take the USTA.com survey
  83. US Archery - The National Archery Association
  84. U.S. Diving
  85. US Rowing - United States Rowing Association
  86. USA Basketball
  87. USA Cycling Online
  88. USA Gymnastics
  89. USA Softball
  90. USA Track & Field
  91. USA Weightlifting
  92. Volleyball Magazine- Online magazine
  93. Wake World - Tricks R 4 Kids- Wakeboarding Tricks
  94. Wake World - Training Centers for Wakeboarding
  95. Way Cool Running - promotes running in the schools (not in the halls), and for all ages
  96. Weissice.com - A great physical educator's resource for creative games and educational thoughts on best practices.
  97. West Vancouver Soccer Club
  98. World Badminton - Official Magazine of the International Badminton Federation (IBF)
  99. Yahooligans - links to a variety of sports
  100. Vertical World Walls - Vertical World manufactures, installs and designs traverse walls for schools, home, parks and community centers.
  101. YMCA Australia
  102. YMCA.ca - Canada. Find a YMCA near you in Canada
  103. YMCA.net - U.S. Find a YMCA near you


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