"Developing Skillful and Healthy Movers"
en Wright
Children's Proverbs: Whether you think you can or can't , try anyway


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PE Unit Plans

Student-Built Web Pages

The following units were developed by physical education majors at Central Washington University. Some are excellent, others could be improved. All include references to more materials that you can use. Please feel free to contact any of the students with comments, question, or suggestions. If you find this information useful please tell others. If a link does not work check back again later. Let us know if a link seems to be permanently down. We are aware that several of the units are down and plan to try to fix this problem. Thanks. (Revised 01/10/01)

A New Spin on PE - Hausske, Greg
Archery - Fraker, Todd
Archery - Lowe, Matt
Avalanche Training - Young, Lance
& Rinker, Chrissy
Backpacking - Campbell, Cori
Bicycle Touring - Gosselin, Carrie
Bocce - VanStralen, Jann
Bowling - Blaschke, Melissa

Canoeing and Kayaking - Eilers, Adam
Cooperative Games, Trust Games and Initiative Activities - Ulmen, Michelle
Crew - Eilers, Adam
Cricket - Ledenko, Tony
Cross Training/Hiking - Ledenko, Tony
Cup Stacking - McDonald, Gail

Day Hiking - Beeman, Molly
Fencing - Hunt, Jeremy
Footbag - Sage, Chad

Frisbee Golf - Haddenham, Tony
Golf - Ulmen, Michelle
Golf, Beginning - Olson, Jeffery
Horseshoes - McKittrick, Ryan
Inline Skating - Correa, David
Inline Skating - Trautman, Michael
Juggling - Hansen, Dana
Juggling - Hernandez, Steven
Lacrosse - Entler, Jason
Mountain Biking - Goss, George
Mountain Biking - Riles, Tim
Mountain Biking - Brenner, Kari
Nature Hike - Mellor, Dee

Nature Hike - Morton, Neely

Orienteering - Lampard, Hillary
Orienteering - Haddenham, Tony
Orienteering - Trautman, Mike
Orienteering - Alberda, Justin
Outdoor Survival - Conrad, Anna
Rodeo - Harding, Bryon
Roller Hockey - Doll, Brock
Sailing - Krause, Nate
Salmon Fishing - Smith, Marie
Sea Kayaking - Entler, Jason
Skiing- Kjar, Meghan
Snorkeling - Rinker, Chrissy
Snowshoeing - Fischbach, Lance
Springboard Diving - Koch, Brian

Surfing - McDonald, Gayle
Table Tennis - Brown, Anthony

Tchoukball - Phillips, Nate

Team Handball - Strom, Bryon
Team Handball- Brenner, Kari

Trampolining - Black, Amy
Ultimate Frisbee - Krause, Nate
Ultimate Frisbee & Frisbee Golf - J.J. Freeborn
Water Activities - Smith, Marie
Water Activities - Morton, Neely

Water Polo- Lewis, Angela
Water Polo- Young, Lance
WhiteWater Rafting - Zuckerman, Rachel

Wilderness Survival - VanStralen, Jann

Wilderness Survival - Jones, Joey
Windsurfing - Sage, Chad
X-country skiing - Hunt, Jeremy

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